Thursday, November 17, 2011

46 Things...

In celebration of my birthday today, I'd thought I'd share a list of 46 things about me you may or may not know...

1 - I was born at 5:35am - I think this is why I'm a morning person
2 - I was born in the year of the Snake in Chinese Astrology, specifically a "wood" snake for the year I was born in
3 - I don't have a middle name
4 - I love that I share a birthday with Martin Scorsese!
5 - I love dahlias, peonies and blush pink roses, though other colors of rose are always welcome...

6 - I loved Pink accented with Red as a child
7 - I loved Rose Pink as a teenager
8 - I loved Royal Blue in my twenties
9 - I began to love the colors of Burgundy and Wine in my thirties
10 - I found myself attracted to deep shades of Crimson Red in my forties, which is somewhat related to Burgundy and a very Scorpio color
11 - I love looking at color spectrum's and tend to arrange my clothes that way
12 - I love Pink and Orange together
13 - My favorite fast food place is Mc Donalds, hands down! It's all about the fries...

14 - I like Jack in the Box for the breakfast croissant sandwich
15 - I like Taco Bell for the seasonings they use in the beef tacos and nachos but I wouldn't say it's representative of real Mexican food! ;)
16 - I can't have a hamburger without french fries
17 - I can't have pizza without a soda...that applies to hamburgers too!
18 - I can't watch a movie without popcorn
19 - I can't have popcorn without butter (but I go without when at the movies with my dear boyfriend who doesn't like movie butter)
20 - My favorite letter of the alphabet is "A"
21 - My favorite number is 18
22 - I like using pages from math, physics and chemistry books because the symbols fascinate me
23 - I like symbols in general
24 - I loved Greek mythology as a girl
25 - My favorite book series as a girl was "Little House on the Prairie" by Laura Ingalls Wilder
26 - My favorite stage play for the language and thinking is "Inherit the Wind"
27 - I love cashmere sweaters
28 - I prefer skirts to pants
29 - There was a period of time I didn't own a pair of jeans, nearly two years while studying Fashion Design actually
30 - I secretly studied Pattern Drafting to learn to make better costumes for myself, not for Fashion Design! I think it paid off...

31 - I like being corseted for the Renaissance Faire and would love trying out a Victorian corset one day
32 - My favorite period in Fashion History is the 1920's for men and women
33 - I've suffered from Depression in my life
34 - I've taken medication for my depression and I've seen a therapist - doing both works wonders!
35 - I think medication is often needed for severe depression, but it should be supervised with therapy
36 - I think Depression is a normal part of Life, just like Anger and I think both need more public acknowledgment, instead of being hidden away
37 - I champion Anger as a motivating force for change when properly applied
38 - I have inherited many artistic talents from my family: sewing and knitting from my grandmother, photography from my mother, musicality from my father and storytelling from my grandfather
39 - I can not imagine a life without these skills
40 - I'm glad to have the friends that I do - they are all wildly creative in one way or another!
41 - I'm lucky to have my Dear Boyfriend - he is funny, sweet and supportive
42 - My Wise Woman has been one of my biggest supporters, as well as my Life Coach Pete - I'm SO grateful they are in my life
43 - I look forward to turning 50, though I still have four more years to go for that!
44 - I am SO GRATEFUL to know how to read - it means I will always be learning
45 - I love books even if I do sometimes gut them for their paper to make artwork!
46 - I believe that Creativity is EVERYWHERE, not just in Art and more people need to see that so they can tap into their own Creativity =-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog to read here - I hope you enjoyed my list! Now I'm off to celebrate this day with my Dear Boyfriend - WOO HOO!


Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Happy birthday, beautiful gal!
Hope you have a gorgeous day and that Dear Doug spoils you rotten.
And may all your dreams come true in your 47th year.

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday dear Monica. Hope you have a super fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scorpio Sistah! May you be covered in shades of pink while eating french fries and wearing a gorgeous hat!!

Hope you had a rockin celebration today =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Monica!!! Love your list and that gorgeous outfit for the faire!!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Happy, happy, wonderful Birthday to you Monica. I hope this year ahead is full of amazing opportunities, experiences and success. Cxxx

Becoming Dr Doc said...

Happy Birthday Monica, I hope it was a perfect day. Thanks for sharing 46 things... I enjoyed learning more about you :)

Karen Wallace said...

Happy Birthday! I loved learning more about you. Beautiful picture of you!!! Sending birthday hugs Karen

humel said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! And so sorry I didn't get online yesterday to say so on time! I meant to be really organised and send you a card and a little gift but - um - wasn't, and didn't... But sending you many warm wishes, if belatedly xx

Eddie Bluelights said...

Gosh 46 things for one so young LOL

See you like McDonald's stuff.
Here is a joke: Hope it is not too rude:

Q. How can you tell to which clan a Scotish man belongs?

A. Look under his kilt and if it's a quarter pounder then he is a McDonald


Forgive ne LOL

Hugs ~ Eddie