Monday, October 17, 2011

A Room With A View...

While in Ventura for the Scottish Highland Games, my dear boyfriend and I stayed at the same hotel we've been staying in the past few years but we've never had a room with a view before. This year we did:

Before you get too excited, we also had this view from our window:

See those train tracks? They were right outside our window, mere yards away...

Yes, we could hear the trains as they came by, but luckily, the windows were double paned glass and the trains were not frequent nor did they run often. Sadly, my dear boyfriend is a light sleeper so he did hear the late night train go by, but he managed to fall back to sleep quickly.

We could also see the pier from our window and I thought I'd make a sketch of it for my participation in The Big Draw LA. I'll share the sketch I made tomorrow, but here is Ventura Pier from our window. If you look closely, you can even see Catalina Island in the distance:

I'm not sure we'll ask for a "room with a view" when we return next year! ;)


SueAnn said...

A nice view!! Train huh?> Ha!! Well you got the flavor as well as the view!!

humel said...

Oh gosh, yes, I remember that train line too!!