Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Studio Journal

I've shared many pages from my art journals and my current sketchbook for The Big Draw, but I thought I'd share some pages from my studio journal today...

I first heard about studio journals from the blog of Karen Wallace, an amazing art therapist I discovered. She has a great blog post about having a studio journal, not to mention great posts about the use of art in therapy. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog!

After reading about using a studio journal for keeping track of creative ideas, I began to use the journal above for keeping my ideas for projects or for keeping notes on interesting techniques I've seen...

This entry was made after seeing an appliqued flower on a t-shirt and making notes about how it was done. Later, the technique was utilized on this tote-bag project, though I did it with hand stitching instead of machine as the original version was made - I like the effect of hand stitching better!

I had already been using this journal for notes on things I was thinking of making or already making, such as this apron for the swap at my first Artful Journey Retreat; I began work on the apron a bit late if you notice the date in the upper right hand corner! I also had an idea to add an embroidered phrase, but I ran out of time to do that. But it's a fun idea to work out on another apron in the future...

I cut little scraps of the fabric I used to make the apron and put them in the journal as a memento of what I created since I never took a picture of the finished apron.

I've sketched ideas for garments I want to make and occasionally sketch costume ideas. This costume was based on a movement exercise created in a workshop for words and movement. I thought of a costume if I decided to use the exercise for performance and I sketched it out with hasn't been made, but that doesn't mean it won't be!

I really like keeping my studio journal because it's a place where I can go to for ideas if I don't know what to work on next...not that don't have enough projects to keep me busy right now! ;)

Do you keep a studio journal of ideas or projects in process?

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humel said...

Not yet - but what a great idea :) I think I might just have to start one! I love how yours looks xx