Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big Draw at The Huntington Library

I went to the Huntington Library on Saturday with my dear boyfriend to participate in The Big Draw event that took place. It was "A Botanical Collage", an outdoor event that utilized leaves, stems, large wood chips and other plant matter to be made into 3-dimensional "drawings" within the labyrinth in one of the gardens. There was a LOT of material to choose from...

I had my dear boyfriend take a few shots of me as I assembled my "drawing". Here I am at work, making my collage art:

This image really shows the scope of the community project. It was a hot day, so I'm glad I had a large sun hat to protect me while working...

I thought of making a bird, but it wound up being more like a 3-dimensional headdress of sorts with the materials I chose...

My botanical headdress

There were several participants throughout the day and many fabulous collage creations. I'll share some of them tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned - there was a LOT of wonderful art created at "A Botanical Collage"!


Sasparilla Sue said...

I love the HL!!! How did I not hear about this...drat! Anyway, looks like you had lots of fun!

Happy blogtoberfesting!

Kathryn Hansen said...

how awesome was that!! Love your "drawing"!!

Becoming Dr Doc said...

that is SO cool. I would have loved to be there!

amy said...

hi. am i commenting at the correct blog?
i loved your comment on my page :)
i linked the bookbinding tutorials to one page and emailed you the link. they are different from the class, but i think you'll like them just as well.
plus. they're free :)

here's the link in case gmail put me in your spam:

thank me later :)