Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Big Day...

I'm so excited!

There are some changes taking place at Etsy and one of them has been very important: the ability to change your shop name!

When I first created my Etsy account I did not realize that your "username" would become your shop name and as a result, I had a shop with the name "lunagirl65"...

This was not helpful for The Creative Beast! Of course, I created a new account using the proper name but now I had an account that I couldn't really use and Etsy was not exactly obliging about closing out accounts. I thought I might use it just for buying goods from Etsy sellers...until I decided to sell my grandmother's belongings and craft tools...

A vignette of my grandmother's tools and supplies used as my Etsy profile picture

My grandmother Beatrice, known to all as "Betty", was the person who taught me to sew and to knit, just to name a few of my many craft skills! By the time of her passing I had already acquired many of my own tools to work with so having two sets seemed a bit too much. Knowing how many folks on Etsy truly appreciate vintage goods, I decided to sell the many, MANY craft supplies, tools and other items that have been found in the home that was shared by my grandparents...

This charming porcelain basket was one of many basket figurines my grandmother collected

I thought I'd call the shop "Grandma Betty's Legacy" and asked a friend to create a simple banner that captured the spirit of my grandmother. I think my friend did a great job!

My shop banner - Grandma Betty was quite a seamstress and quilter, hence the sewing machine!

I've managed to make quite a few sales since I began selling but it's not easy to find my shop since the name is under my "username" and not the actual shop name. So you can imagine my delight when Etsy finally decided to do away with the policy of "no name changing"...

Aqua and gold tone buttons found among Grandma Betty's sewing supplies

Though you can only change it once, this is very helpful and I hope it will become easier to find my vintage Etsy shop for shoppers.

There are still quite a lot of items that I have yet to photograph and list, but I'm getting it done bit by bit. Sadly, I had to make a decision this summer to discontinue international shipping as it's become VERY costly. However, if any of my blog readers are interested in any items, please convo me - I'm happy to work something out for one of my blog readers!

My grandmother was a big fan of all things tea and this mini sugar and creamer was part of her collection

In the meantime, to celebrate this name-change to the actual shop name of "Grandma Betty's Legacy", I'm offering a special coupon code for my blog readers:

THANKSBETTY gratitude* to my grandmother for passing her legacy of skills to me so I can share them with so many of you =-)

The coupon will give you a 20% discount on all items listed in the shop. The coupon code starts today and will end by December 5. Please note: this coupon code is NOT being advertised in the shop - it is strictly for blog readers!

One of many craft books used by my grandmother - she also did embroidery and needlepoint

I hope this name change will bring some more shoppers to my vintage Etsy shop - I've got quite a few boxes of goods that are taking up quite a bit of space in my workroom and I'd like to clear them out - with some sales! ;)

* - and many thanks to Etsy for making this helpful change possible!


Kathryn Hansen said... can't believe how happy I was as well that we can finally change our shop name!!!

Gwynnie B said...

I'm SOOO happy Etsy decided to let us change our shop names! Like you, I had no clue my username would be my shop name. Glad to hear Gramma Betty's legacy continues and people will be able to find all of her treasures :)