Sunday, September 11, 2011

Touching Base with a Special Sunday Short!

Hello everyone!
I'm taking a minute to share a video I made earlier this week during a trip to Santa Barbara with my friends Diana and Gwynnie to see beauty butterflies at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. This is what the butterflies in motion looked like at the exhibit:

It was a wonderful day that started at Art from Scrap, followed by lunch at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art Cafe. I'll be sharing the pictures from that field trip along with pictures from other great field trips taken with a fabulous blog buddy who was visiting from England. It's been quite a Summer Vacation and I'll share it all with you starting September 19th.

In the meantime, I'll be taking one more week to recuperate from sinus issues/allergies I've been dealing with. Until then, I hope you're creating some magic for yourself!


Diana said...

The video turned out fabulous, Monica - yay!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great video of the Flutterbies as they used to be called. Hope the sinus problem is jicked into touch soon. Trying hard to create some magic but I require a new wand LOL. Seriously I have created quite a few things in the garden and I am putting together a video myself which I hope to post soon. Meanwhile trying to recreate some funny Painting & Decorating stories on my blog. Bye for now ~ Eddie

Gwynnie B said...

Oh what a fabulous video of our fluttering friends!

And like Eddie, I need a new wand =-)


SueAnn said...

Fabulous video!! I hope and pray for your healing. Sinus problems are no fun!!

Kathryn Hansen said...

ohhhhh...i've never been to natural history museum...have to put it on for my next trip!!

Amelia said...

hi you - thanks for stopping by and your comments. A month or two is absolutely cool! In fact you've reminded me to change that bit on the post :)

I do hope you are feeling better x