Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going Postal

These mail boxes are at my local US Post Office - it's so close I walk there!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the United States Postal Service shutting down Saturday mail delivery, not to mention closing down several post offices. I really couldn't understand how this could be until I found this blog post at The Missive Maven, a great blog that celebrates all things mail and letter writing...

Stationery from my personal collection - I'm overdue for sending some 'love' through the mail...

I participate in mail art collaborations and I use the USPS to ship my goods that I sell at my other Etsy shop, as do many, many other Etsy sellers, so I really didn't understand how the USPS could be in such dire straits with their budget. After reading through some of the links provided by The Missive Maven, the situation is lot clearer...but no less easier to solve...

Postcards from my personal collection that have been sent or will soon be sent out to friends near and far...

There will be rallies to support the USPS next week on September 27, but this blog post at Save The Post Office mentions showing your support for our mail carriers by sending a special message on your outgoing mail. I'll be sure to add my "heart" when I send along some of the notecards and postcards I've shown so far...

Some "love" I sent in the mail just yesterday!

If you'd like to show support for the USPS, or learn more about what's happening with the USPS, here are links to get you started, many of them found at The Missive Maven*:

This seems to be the most comprehensive site on the current situation facing the United States Postal Service and you can find the link to Send the Love on this site, which has a wonderful story about a small town post office that's definitely worth reading

You can find information on the Congressional Mandate that is the central issue, congressional events taking place around the country and a petition you can download to collect the signatures of others that are concerned about the future of our USPS

Many USPS postal workers are (anonymously!) discussing what the future may look like for the USPS at this blog

I urge you to check out this video clip of Thom Hartmann speaking with Chuck Zlatkin, the Legislative and Political Director of the New York Metro Area Postal Union - this interview really sheds light on what's really happening with the US Postal Service**

 And finally:
NPR Interview with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe that took place this week - he still pays his bills by snail mail! Maybe I should follow his example =-)

To my overseas blog readers: I'd love to hear about the postal services in your areas and what makes it great - maybe there are some ideas that can be sent to our Congress to solve this postal service issue.

And of course, many thanks to the wonderful folks who keep delivering our letters, mail art and special packages. Let's keep those cards and letters going!

* - Many thanks to The Missive Maven for helping to shed light on this situation
** - Many thanks to my dear boyfriend for finding the video interview


SueAnn said...

I too try to use the USPS as well for all my mailing. But I pay bills online. Just so convenient and I find I keep better control this way!!

The Missive Maven said...

Thank you for the shout-out!

And also, thanks for the "send the love" tip. I hadn't come across that particular post yet, and I LOVE the idea!