Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's been a few days since I spent a whole weekend focusing on trees in Orly's amazing weekend workshop and I'm still processing all the magic that happened. Here is a peek at the beauty of my weekend environment:

Gorgeous pink hydrangeas just outside the doors of the studio I was working in and a beautiful studio it was!

We went for a walk to a local park to observe trees and to be in their magnificent presence. Here is the one that caught my eye and attention:

Several large trees grouped so closely together to appear as if it were a many tentacled being and it seemed to beckon me to come and see the other side which revealed...

This image does not quite do it justice, but it appeared to me to be a perfect throne for a Dryad

It was a great workshop as usual and here is a peek at my (mostly!) finished journal:

The sticks came from the initial walk and observation of trees; the leaves came from a great dye project we all did!

I'll share the inner pages of my journal in the days to come, so stay tuned...in the meantime, here are a few other items that a lucky reader will receive from the giveaway I'm having:

An eyelet setter that I bought for an art class, but never used - I'm sure you'll get a lot of use from it!

Some of the lovely ribbons from this collection will be in your "goodie bag"!

If you'd like to see what other giveaway goodies are part of the package, just check out THIS BLOG POST to see what is being given away and read the rules for entering - you still have until 5pm Wednesday August 3 to enter. Be sure to leave at comment at the original giveaway post and tell me about one of your greatest accomplishments from this year. It seems that many of you have accomplished some amazing things!!


Karen Wallace said...

Hello. Thanks for dropping in. Try hooping again, it is so much fun. The new weighed hoops are easy to keep up and the exercise is fantastic. Hugs Karen

jan said...

Gorgeous trees and I love the cover of your journal. Sounds like an amazing tree worshiping workshop - i think I would enjoy something like that.

Kathryn Hansen said...

your journal came out so good!! sounds like it was a really fun experience!! plus it was in santa barbara...which i love!