Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Shorts - Amazing Blog Post...

A friend pointed me to this blog a few weeks back with this particular blog post and recently, she pointed it out to me again with this blog post, which was so amazing I wanted to share it with you all today...

I love this blog post because it reminds me of the wisdom of women and it reminds me of how much I owe to my very special Wise Woman for her guidance and support in times of need. The wisdom of women is a special and sacred thing that we do not always value in this society, which is why I dreamed of my "Currency of Strength" project for so many years before I actually created it. I hoped it might inspire other women to look at other female figures from history and take pride in the history of our collective accomplishments.

The thoughts expressed in the blog post about our disconnection from ourselves rings so true, and the critical question that is asked, is perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves:

"How do we hold onto who we are at our very core as women?"

I hope you take a little time to check out the link and think about how you can hold onto who YOU are as a woman or as an ARTIST.

Here are two other fabulous "Wise Women" in my life: Diana on the left and Gwynnie on the right. Do YOU have a Wise Woman you want to celebrate?

Many thanks to all of you "Wise Women" and "Wise Women in Training" who come here to read my blog, and many thanks to the fabulous men who support and CELEBRATE the Feminine =-)


Diana said...

Aw, thanks, even if I do look like I was rode hard and put away

Gwynnie B said...

You and Diana are for sure Wise Women! And I'm thrilled to be part of the pack =-)