Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom Weekend Begins!


Independence Day came early for me this year as today is my first day of FREEDOM from the horrible workplace! And though the Fourth of July is just days away, I thought I'd celebrate FREEDOM all weekend long...

CLICK THIS LINK to see an AWESOME video** that perfectly illustrates how I'm feeling today!

FYI: it involves what I think is one of THE best rip-roaring, rock 'n rollin' "goodbyes" I've ever seen. If you're going to go out - go out with a BANG!

Stay tuned this weekend as I share some thoughts and videos with the theme of FREEDOM!

My version of "Old Glory" in collage art...

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* - many thanks to Mr. Baxter for having an available link to this most memorable moment in evening television. Mr. O'Brian showed class and style on that evening and I'll NEVER forget his example =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you made it!!

Have an awesome 4th!!!

Diana said...

I imagine there are some early fireworks going off in Van Nuys right

Seriously, welcome to the world of not working; may you enjoy it!

Mistea said...

Pleased to hear you made it to the other side - May Freedom be yours to enjoy in the coming weeks and months.