Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrating Independence Day - How It Began...

As you all know, I have gained my personal independence from my horrible job and interestingly enough, it happened to fall near our actual Independence Day holiday! I'm sure many folks chose to take Friday off to begin a 4-day weekend to celebrate Freedom...

I want to share some fun videos this weekend that I grew up with that illustrate the story of how America gained it's own freedom...these videos were created as a way to educate kids between Saturday morning cartoons and they encompassed multiplication, grammar, history, science and even economics. They are a series called "Schoolhouse Rock!"

My Dear Boyfriend found the whole series available on dvd and bought it for me knowing that I STILL love the music of many of those educational videos, much of which is jazz based, but also includes rhythm and blues and folk music, which accompanies many of the History Rock videos.

This video, which I found on YouTube,  illustrates how and why America chose to be independent from England, and incidentally, it's how I'm feeling about having another boss right now! ;)

If you have a chance to buy the series of videos, I highly recommend them, not just for the informational content - they are really FUN to watch and sing along to!

Stay tuned for the next video celebrating FREEDOM tomorrow!

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