Saturday, June 11, 2011

VIBRANT Street Art!

Hello dear blog readers! Today, I am attending Orly Avineri's "Off the Street Into the Journal" workshop today and I'm very excited about this theme!

On Thursday, I shared a few images of street art I found in my dear boyfriends neighborhood that I photographed to use in the workshop, but I couldn't share some other photos I've taken in case Orly stopped by, which she did!

But I have photographed some other graffiti art that is just too spectacular NOT to share so I created this post in advance for you to see what else I'll be sharing in Orly's workshop - here we go!

I've looked for an 'artist signature' but I haven't found one...I wish I knew who created this amazing street art!

This is VIBRANT street art at it's best!! And I can't wait to work with it in Orly's workshop!

This artwork spans quite a length of a local alley in the neighborhood I still work in*. Unfortunately, my trusty NIKON COOLPIX does not have the capability to take such a long shot of the entire graffiti work so I had to shoot it piecemeal, but I think the individual sections can stand alone...I really liked the abstract sections of this street art:

This is what I call "electric color"!!

Then I happened to be in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon and I managed to get a shot of this:

What you can't see are the hanging banners advertising the current MOCA exhibit "Art in the Streets"...

There were a series of these murals, with three pairs of eyes looking at me, but since I was in my car at a red light I could only get one shot and this pair was closest to me...these eyes are quite striking, don't you think?

I hope to share what I create in Orly's workshop next week so stay tuned!!

* - but only until JUNE 30th!! =-)


Diana said...

Wowser, Monica! That's some amazing graffiti! You might like this current exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art:

The Creative Beast said...

That looks like a great exhibit to see and it would be great to see it in conjunction with the one at MOCA =-)

Lauren said...

The graf looks great! hope the workshop was fun and you learnt lots!!

slommler said...

Wow!! And those eyes!!
I would love to see that exhibit as well

jan said...

That green lettering is outstanding! Great eyes also. Hope you have fun at the workshop.