Monday, May 23, 2011

"Help" on a Monday Morning...

It's Monday morning and I'm back in the office but I had a treat waiting for me in the mailbox here at work...

Isn't this a pretty postcard to start a Monday morning at the office??!?!

This lovely postcard came from Kat who inspired my "call for help" with her Wednesday Worthiness prompt on asking for help. It's a wonderful postcard created by Sabrina Ward Harrison which has a stream of words, some of which were obscured by the postal sticker on the bottom. Luckily, that sticker came off easily so I could read the rest of the words...


and a lovely quote was written on the back:

"And when one day one perceives that their occupations are paltry, their professions petrified and no longer linked with living, why not then continue to look like a child upon it all as upon something unfamiliar from out of the depth of one's own world, which is itself work and status and vocation?"

- Rainer Maria Rilke
"Letters to a Young Poet"

Thank you Kat for this beautiful gift of images and words to make my Monday morning so much merrier!

Another thing that has made my Monday merry, on what is a drab overcast morning, is wearing a combination of colors inspired by a lovely gift given to me at the Renaissance Faire yesterday by a fabulous artist named Petrushka - a flower pin in colors of chartreuse and burnt orange...

my new pin and an art-full necklace made by Petrushka make a Monday very merry indeed!

Wearing and surrounding myself with such beauty really helps me to stay grounded in who I am - an Artist and Creator of Beauty, as well as a patron of Beauty made by others...and it really helps me when I have to spend much of my time in an environment that does not accurately reflect that.

Only 28 working days to go until I can begin a new future filled with amazing opportunities and creative possibilities - I'm getting so excited!

What are some things that make your Monday morning a merry one??

* - yes, the word "make" was listed twice - I think it bears repeating many, many, MANY times! ;)


Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

You're most welcome, my friend! So glad you enjoyed the card. More little gems are finding their way to you as I write...
Such a wonderful idea!

slommler said...

Seeing your smiling face sure helps! Lovely card and pin. What beauty

oneartistjournal said...

Your post makes me happy on a Wednesday morning, your beautiful images and words and the intimate and brave sharing that is taking place right here.
Loved what you had to say to my last post...LOVE your spirited presence, in my class, on the web, and out in the world..Go gently and happily on this simple Wednesday..XOXOrly