Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"HELP" has arrived!

Hello dear blog readers!
I've received some "help" at my office mail box to get me through the last remaining weeks of employment!!

Here is what I found in the post this morning upon my arrival to the office:

from a fellow Artful Journey attendee and from Studio Mailbox - hooray for mail art!

I took a day off yesterday for "self care" and got much done, including some much needed rest. When I arrived to the office this morning, I checked our mail box and found these lovely goodies!

We've had some rain in the past two days, which I'm happy for, but when the Studio Mailbox envelope fell out of my hand it landed on the wet sidewalk! I managed to save as much of the original artwork as I could but I think the rain water added some character!

Helpful Postcard...

colorful dancing ladies - yes, Diana gets me!

This postcard came from Artful Journey and Scorpio Soul sister Diana, who I blogged about last year. She was in my Artful Journey class this year and she is not just a fabulous lady but a generous one too! The message on the back cracks me up:

"One of the ladies on the front of this card is you on the last day of work - only you can say which one!"

Hmmm, I'll say it's Me, Myself and I!! ;)

The postcard is from the National Museum of Women in the Arts and Diana is well aware of my "Currency of Strength" and my feminist leanings, so she knows I would appreciate a card from that museum! Thank you Diana!

Helpful Mail Art...

mmmm! lots of goodies to make more collage art and mail art too!

WOW! Look at this goodness from TJ at Studio Mailbox! As if the envelope wasn't enough artful-ness, it was packed with "inchies" made by her, some German stamps from other mailings, a wood stamped sticker and her trademark pretzel! I have read her blog and love the posts on pretzel sightings, not to mention her stand on creating original artwork.

I'd rather have "pretzel art" than "pretzel logic"* any day!! Thank you TJ!

***   ***   ***

I can not say "thank you" enough to those of you who have reached out since I put out my call for help last week and I really have to thank Kat and her blog post for helping me realize I can ask for help, as we can and should when the need arises.

I'd also like to thank another Artful Journey sister, Cathy, for linking to my "call for help" on her blog - it was great way to help Cathy! Many thanks and Happy Birthday to you!

I've got some things planned to share with you very soon and tomorrow I will share my weekend with Orly in her "Journaling with See-side in Mind" workshop this past weekend...

I hope you are having a creative day, wherever you are!

* - "Pretzel Logic" is a phrase I use when describing the logic used in my current workplace which seems to be part of the current lexicon these days; it's also the title of an album by the band Steely Dan, which is pretty cool music!


Karen Wallace said...

Beautiful gifts!!! Thank you so much for the resource that you left on blog. I am going to buy that book. Hugs Karen

slommler said...

What fabulous mail art!! Love it and I can see why if made your day!!
You have a wonderful magical day now

TJ said...

Wow Monica, thanks for the blog love, hope your month flies by and you get some new beginnings soon!!
Best wishes from germany, tj