Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Call and Response"!

Thank you to those of you who have been responding to my call for help from yesterday! I said if only one person responded it would be worth it and putting out the call for help has really helped me in many ways...

There have been wonderful messages from people telling me my action was a brave* thing to do, though it didn't feel very brave at the time. I had been reluctant to speak of this problem because, really, who wants to hear about ISOLATION? It is NOT a fun or creative topic, but it is something that many of us may face at some point in our lives and to suffer through it alone is unacceptable, in my view.

I have slowly been learning that people really do want to help when and where they can. If you see the outpouring of GIVING that happens in the face of a natural disaster, you can see the impulse to GIVE, to HELP, is something we all want to do for one another!

Kat's post about asking for help was a great story because it really illuminated some important points. If you read her story, you will see that when she began to feel her injury, she was taking all the necessary steps of SELF CARE, in preparation for the physical difficulties that were coming. What she forgot to do was to ask for help where she would need it...

Of course it was hard to ask for help, when she states a history of outcomes from the past:

"Some of my hesitation comes from past experience of asking for help and being ignored, let down, or downright refused."

I've been there.

But I also know that it's not always the case that I will be refused help, if I know where I can go to get the help I need.

This is where COMMUNITY comes in and knowing who you can really trust.

A Circle of Community is one of the best tools an artist can have!

I'm also learning it's important to let go of expectations when requesting help - not everyone can give what you most need, when you most need it, but if you allow those in your community to give what they can, when they can, every little bit of help that comes your way will be wonderful. After all, a community works best when each person is allowed to contribute their best skills and talents =-)

It's not always easy to let go of expectations, believe me, I'm not the best of letting go of my own expectations of a LOT of things! But it does get better with practice, as I'm learning...

Thank you again to those of you who have responded to my call for help! This community of creative bloggers is SO AMAZING and I'm so lucky to be a part of it!

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For those of you who might be wondering what a "call and response" is, it refers to a style of playing music in the jazz world and it's most often employed in gospel music. Here are a few examples of my favorite "call and response" tunes:

This video is just the music only, but if you care to see what "making a joyful noise" can look like, the film version of this tune can be found HERE...but I highly recommend watching the entire film "The Blues Brothers". It's a foot-tapping valentine to the music of Rhythm and Blues (R&B)!

And here's one of my favorite "call and response" jazz tunes as played by jazz drummer, Buddy Rich on The Tonight show with Johnny Carson:

REMEMBER: If you send out a "CALL", you could get an awesome "RESPONSE"! But you won't know until you try...

If you're interested in sending some encouragement to my office, please e-mail me at thecreativebeast (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm hoping to receive a few messages before June is over and we vacate the office permanently...and I'd love to receive something from YOU =-)

* - I've also received messages of what a great action of SELF CARE my call for help was and I'm an advocate for SELF CARE - be sure to take care of yourself today!=-)

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