Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Remarkable Experience...

I had a very special gift given to me by my Life Coach Pete Lee during the holidays that I have not shared here, but in many ways, I have continued to process this experience and absorb what transpired during it. I've considered whether or not to share this here on my blog, but I mentioned an intuitive drawing I've had done in the past so I thought I could share my experience here.

My fabulous life coach gave me the gift of an energy healing but it turned into so much more - past life experiences came to the surface during this healing and the stories Pete relayed to me were amazing! It seems that I have always been creative and artistic, through many centuries...and people have tried to thwart my urges but I would move beyond them, just as I do in this life...

It was an extraordinary experience to have past lives recounted to me and see a theme of artistry interwoven throughout them all. It also heartened me to hear that I have always been creative and not allowed others to dictate my journey for me. Some of the more outstanding past life stories that resonated for me were:

  • my life as a gypsy, making jewelry from found stones and objects from nature (A friends mother once spontaneously told me that I was a gypsy in a past life - she had psychic abilities I didn't know about...)
  • I was an Egyptian princess who was barred from working with my hands due to my station as royalty (it seems I found a way to work around that!)
  • living as a young man in France and painting on the sly because my parents forbid this activity
  • having a bright and creative idea to sell art goods to the rich parents of children at a private school as a precocious 6 year old
  • a young man learning a trade, apprenticing to a man with whom I had a positive and strong relationship with (I felt the presence of my Wise Women in this recounting)...

...and there were yet more stories that emerged during this energy healing, as well as the release of old energies that were no longer serving me, such as releasing the idea of "job hunting". I made a choice to release "job hunting" and to embrace the idea of amazing opportunities to come my way. It was an extraordinary and remarkable experience that I still feel the effects of today.

This image feels like going through portals to the past...I shot this photo at Ace Gallery in 2009...

I've been integrating the stories, though I don't think I need much integrating since they are MY stories, but having this information has been affirming and overwhelming at the same time. It has brought me more strength to move forward as an artist and confirmed the strength I already have and have had through the centuries...but the weight of that strength can be tiring so I went into hibernation before I realized I was doing so. I am happy that the Artful Journey Retreat was on the horizon so I could immerse myself in an environment that was ALL ART, ALL THE TIME, surrounded by like minded women who affirmed each other in skills and artistry. This artful experience was much needed for me to begin to move through the history of my (way back!) past so I can now begin to move into my future through "open doors" of amazing opportunities...

My second Nina Bagley jewelry purchase - "Open Doors" earrings in timely for me!

I bought these earrings from my Artful Journey instructor, Nina Bagley, and I have not taken them off since I purchased them! I shared with Nina the importance of these earrings for me at this time in my life and she was very happy for me...I promise I will share some of the news that I have already hinted at, but not just yet!

I will, however, share some bits and pieces from my experience at this years Artful Journey Retreat in the days to come as I still feel the need to hibernate, but I am slowly getting ready to emerge...maybe it's the rainy weather we've been having in LA that makes me want to hibernate??

Many thanks to you all for your wonderful messages while I was away! You are all amazing =-)