Monday, January 10, 2011

Tidbits for a New Year...

Goodness! it's been over a whole week since my last blog post - where did the time go??!?

Well, I have been spending a lot of time working on my Sketchbook Project, which must be sent back by January 15, 2011 in order to be a part of the tour. Here's a little sneak peek at two pages I've been working on:

Okay, maybe this is really 6 pages in progress!

Of course there has to be a pink page in this sketchbook!

I've also been working on moving things around in my creative play-space and, with the help of a creative friend, a whole wall has been opened up! I've been taking photos of clothing that belonged to my Grandma Betty that I'll be loading at my Grandma Betty's Legacy etsy shop in the next week or two. Here's a peek at how that looks:

A whole wall and the hardwood floors look so clean and simple for a backdrop to vintage clothes...

I've been doing a lot of cleaning out of clothes and closets with an eye toward creating a great wardrobe of colorful, artful clothing to wear. So when I saw this blog post, the title of the post felt like a call to arms!

I'm also starting to prepare for the Artful Journey Retreat coming up in February and there will be a silent auction to bring in funds for the Presentation Center, where it's held. I'm donating an original artwork for the auction, in keeping with one of my Kwanzaa 'resolutions' to: 

"contribute my skills, time or money toward a worthwhile cause"

This is the piece that I'm donating:

My original drawing for Patti Digh's book "Four Word Self-Help" - I'm so happy to donate this for a good cause!

There's more for me to share but I've got to run and pick up a few items for working on the sketchbook! I'll be back with more news and pics soon...

How are you starting your New Year? slowly or with a BANG!??


Kathryn Hansen said...

good luck with getting your journal done....take lots of photos so we can see them!!

and my new year is starting off with a HUGE bang!!!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Monica
I have a little something for you at my place and I would be honoured if you would call to collect it and have a glass of vino with me to celebrate (belatedly) the new year LOL
Hugs . . . hmm ~ Eddie

Becoming Dr Doc said...

I Love that coat!
My year has picked up speed this week with the return to work, but before that very nice and quiet

Karen Wallace said...

Love the coat! Hugs Karen