Friday, May 28, 2010

"Returning to our regularly scheduled programming..."

It's been quite a few months since I've been able to really blog as I like and now I can slowly ease back into the groove...though I do plan on some relaxation during this Memorial weekend and maybe even making something for myself, after the weeks of working on goodies for my Etsy shop...

...and I've signed on for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap, hosted by my Artful Journey classmate, Beth Nicholls and it is promising to be lots of fun! Maybe my postcard will be in YOUR mailbox if you join in!!

...and I've signed up for Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts as the main pilot in the cockpit! I'm pretty sure I WON'T be needing a parachute for these flying lessons ;)

pointing "True North" and ready for take-off!!

...AND I will be assembling my FIRST ORDER from my Etsy shop for shipping next week...What lovely friends I have! Such wonderful things have come out of blogging for me!

What creative fun do you have planned for yourself for this holiday weekend? I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I did it! How about you..?

I did it!

It's official!

I have an Etsy shop!

an example of what I'm selling in the Etsy shop...

...and I could not have done it without some amazing support from the following folks, in no particular order:

  • My fabulous Life Coach Pete Lee - he helped me "get me back to me" when I was experiencing my breakdown/burnout due to my job and he has been SO supportive of my artistry and sharing it with like-minded people...and the world!
  • My dear Wise Woman, who has always supported my art and craft and bought gift items from me for many years. I'm so glad to have her in my life!
  • My dear boyfriend who helped me create a new banner for this blog and for my etsy shop, who has some great ideas for photographing jewelry and ideas for another banner that will be executed in the future - he is wonderful*!
  • Blog buddies and retreat classmates who have been touching base and have been so supportive about this launch; I've missed you lots while I've been busy creating goodies! I can't wait to catch up my blog reading...
  • YOU, dear blog reader! 
I know there may be readers who are shy to comment (I was you once!), but I'm so grateful that many of you stop by this blog to read about my artistic process and my journey as I move toward self-sustaining self-employment as an artist.

Many friends and blog buddies have written to me to tell me how I inspire them, and I am always surprised that I have the ability to inspire others, when I have been SO inspired by the many blogging artists I've discovered.

I guess I'm becoming one of them...and I know you are too!

How about it? Are you ready to take on a challenge that has you a bit nervous? Please share it - I'd love to hear about it!


* - I guess I'll keep my dear boyfriend for awhile ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's coming together...

Hello everyone!
It's been a bit hectic as I work toward the launch of my etsy shop but you may have noticed something new around here...a new banner*!!

Yes, my dear sweet boyfriend has helped me out with creating a nice new banner for my blog and for my etsy shop, which you can view here.

I have been keeping in mind the great advice given to me by my Artful Journey classmate, Mindy: "Just start with three things...", so I am trying to pace myself and not "burnout". There will be a few items to begin with, though I have been working on many items, and I will add more as the weeks pass.

It is quite a learning process, figuring out photo and banner size requirements**, figuring out how to attach my PayPal account to the shop, not to mention how to deal with international shipping, which will be important for my "international readers" in England and Australia! I know I'll continue to "learn as we go", as I like to say, and I hope you'll all be patient as I sort through it all...

I do have to say thank you all SO MUCH for continuing to visit my blog and for the support so many of you have given me in the past few weeks (you know who you are!) - you are all so amazing and generous!

I will leave you with a sort of sneak-peak of what you can expect on Thursday May 27. I made this item for a friend in New York for her birthday and she loved receiving it in the mail:

 Special one-of-a-kind birthday card "Birthday Queen"

I hope you are having an amazing and creative day!

* - I do hope you are able to view the new banner! If not, please leave a comment so we can look into any "technical difficulties" that may occur

** - I don't know what I'd do without my dear boyfriend who happens to do graphic design for websites...what a lucky gal I am! =-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Other things I've been up to...

Just a quick post to let you all know it's not "all work and no play" around here! I've been making some time to play with my dear boyfriend, and one place we go to play is the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire...

I've mentioned before that I make costumes but I may not have have mentioned that I make costumes for me to wear at the Faire, so luckily I was able to post this recent image taken just yesterday....

me in my own costumes...

That is me in my Faire regalia! I made the skirts, chemise and bodice. I trimmed the hat and also made up the necklaces I'm wearing...and this is just ONE of several get-ups I have made over the years! I have quite a wardrobe for going to the Faire...

My dear boyfriend also dresses when we go to the Faire, how lucky is that for me?!?!! Unfortunately, he has not been keen to have his picture on my blog so you will not be able to see him in his gear, but if you ever see a bottle of Samuel Adams beer, you might get an idea of what he looks like in his costume!!

***   ***   ***

In other news...

I met with one of the owners of this cultural center to discuss the idea of a gallery show of photographs I've taken in the neighborhood and he was quite enthusiastic with my idea!

Then he pitched an idea to me to work for him!!

I am thinking about it, since it would be part-time starting after my current day job and it would begin in June. He has been made aware that I am launching an on-line shop and looking for a job closer to home, but he can see that I have skills he appreciates, one of them being my artistry! The fact that I have a handle on the community is big plus too, I'm pretty the very least, it could be some much needed extra funds. And it would be in a lovely environment as you can see at this site. We'll see what happens and I'll be sure to let you know.

As some of my friends have mentioned: Doors are opening =-)

What doors have been opening for you? I'd love to hear about them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I've been up to...

It seems like forever since my last post! And though it has been over three weeks, I have not been idle, my is what I've been up to:

  • I've been making some goods for my soon-to-be etsy shop and with the help of my dear coach an auspicious date was found for a "grand opening". The official "Grand Opening for the Creative Beast Etsy Shop" is scheduled for MAY 27! Be sure to save the date!!
  • I've also been working on making a few pages for my Artful Retreat Chunky Funky Coffee Table book, as well as using the cut pages for a smaller book, both of which will be used as journals in future. I've never really 'journaled' before but my art books are inspiring me!!*
  • Making time to play with my dear boyfriend on the weekends and dress-up at the Renaissance Faire*
  • I've been sending my resume out for jobs, more aggressively since my boss left for her new position; here is one amazing position I sent off for that is quite close to home and, well, just read the description! The work schedule is PERFECT for me at this time as I work on Self-sustaining Self-employment =-)      (and the location is really beautiful!)
  • Since I've been working on shop goods, I came to a halt on this mystery work-in-progress, but I will return to it soon and reveal just what it is, I promise!
  • I've been helping friends by revising their resumes and may just start a very small business in 'Resume Renovation' to bring in some extra funds
  • I'll be meeting with one of the owners of the community space in the neighborhood I work in to discuss the possibility of a gallery show of pictures I've taken in and around the neighborhood; if you'd like to see some of those images, you can see them at my 'test blog'!
  • I've signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts e-course! I can't wait for it to begin!
  • And I completed and submitted another drawing for Patti Digh's next book "Creative is a Verb", the original book I signed up to create artwork for...I'll learn if my drawing is chosen for publication in the month of August...

YAY! I was able to load this pic for viewing!! My recent submission for Patti Digh's next book "Creative is a Verb"...

Many thanks to all my friends and blog readers who have touched base to see how I've been doing! Your support has meant a LOT to me and it keeps me moving forward with my dreams and plans =-) 

***   ***   ***

I've had a little time to peek at some fellow bloggers though I may not have had time to leave comments and that has made me a bit sad, though I know this will pass. When I read Tinniegirl's account of her time since leaving her job and looking for her next gig, it made me nostalgic for the days I worked in costumes and had that kind of time off between workshop jobs. It also makes me eager for the future when I can return to that kind of "time in between"! It really is a magical place to be in...more about that another day!

What are you creating today and what brings magic to your day? I'd love to hear about it!

* - I tried to load pics of me in Faire costume and one of the art book pages I worked on but this crazy computer/internet situation blocked them! Luckily, I was able to load at least one image =-)