Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've been roasted...

...and by "roasted" I mean that I have been interviewed for a blog!

"I am being roasted by that gorgeous man Eddie Bluelights (who wishes he was an ice cream) at Clouds and Silvery Linings - see HERE"
NOTE: that previous sentence was Eddie's direct quote and I am more than happy to post it!! ;)

I met the gentlemanly and very hilarious roaster, Eddie Bluelights of Clouds and Silvery Linings, when I left a comment on his blog after his interview with Amelia Critchlow of 101 Bird Tales, a few weeks back. He then stopped by my blog and left a very nice and encouraging comment. He is quite engaging and has such a wonderful sense of humor that we sent a few messages back and forth and then he "popped the question":

"Well, Monica, I really do think you would make an excellent subject for my Sunday Roast interview and I would be highly honoured if you featured. Oh go on, say Yes - LOL"

I was very excited and I agreed to be 'roasted' for his blog...

Eddie asks some great questions and when I told him that I am working on creating an interview template so I can interview creative kindred spirits for my own blog, he was nice enough to send along other questions he has used for other interviews. He is a very kind gentleman and allowed me to use one of my questions on him in exchange for his interview! I love that he is a connector - he loves to introduce his readers to other bloggers that he finds interesting. I think it's very creative...

I think you'll enjoy Eddie's many interviews you can find in his archive - he interviews creative and interesting people, many of whom are wicked funny, just like Eddie!

I do hope you'll stop by his blog and not just to read his interview with me - he really has a great list of interviews and you might discover someone new you'll find inspiring!


humel said...

Oh, how exciting! I shall pop over :-)

It's so good to catch up on your blog at last - sorry for my long absence! I've really enjoyed reading all your recent posts xx

Eva Gallant said...

Good interview! Eddie is definitely a trip!

I Saw You Dancing said...

Congratulations, Monica! You media star. :-)
Fabulous interview and so very YOU.
I really enjoyed it, lots of chuckles and fond smiles and the occasional tear and goosebump.
And thanks so much for the mention, I am so touched.
Kat xx

Eddie Bluelights said...

Well, I am extremely flattered and the cockles of my heart are glowing after that lovely post - Oh! I am quite overcome! . . . . pass the smelling salts someone quick . . . I feel quite faint!! LOL.
Monica, I was only joking when I sent the link sentence !!! ROFL. I am laughing my socks off! Obviously I must have nade a good impression because you printed it! Oh! I blush profusely. Oh dear what fun we have in BlogLand.
Seriously, I did enjoy getting this together with you and I have a truly great job in BlogLand doing this show. I have met some really great and nice people, including you my dear.
So come on all Minica's supporters abd followers - come and read her fabulous interview and bring some friends, some booze and a few bags of crisps (chipped potatoes I think you call them). And if anyone wants to jump on my roasting spit they can!! Monica has all the details.
Thanks again, Monica . . . . hugs and a big X

slommler said...

Your interview was wonderful. What a treat to be introduced to you!

Louise Gale said...

ooooh FABULOUS! I love a good roasting. :-) Well done you.

Karen Wallace said...

Congratulations. I will go to his blog read your interview. Hugs Karen

chrissy said...

this was sooooo fun to read dear monica. i learned more about you than i thought i would....ALL wonderful things of course.
(we have the same taste in icecream)
love you.