Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fourth Night of Kwanzaa - Cooperative Economics

Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments on my recent posts about Kwanzaa this week! I'm glad to know that many of you are intrigued to learn more about it...

I've always been fascinated by this holiday because of the focus on principles and I tend to be a person that is driven by values and meaningful purpose so when I first learned about this African American holiday, over a decade ago, it really spoke to me. This is the first year I have chosen to consciously reflect on the seven principles of Kwanzaa and I thought they could be applied to Artists as a community - thank you for joining along with this reflection!

Tonight is the fourth night of Kwanzaa and as I've done for the past three nights, I am burning a candle as I reflect on each principle and how I can incorporate it in my life for 2011. The fourth principle is Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa)...

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

One way I hope to incorporate this principle is by supporting my fellow artists, through sharing about their amazing work, participating in e-courses or by purchasing their artwork.

There are also people I know that are self-employed in different trades, such as my Tax Man and I am happy to support his business! Maybe you know someone who has chosen to be self-employed that you can support?

Another way I hope to incorporate this principle is by creating some wonderful items to sell in my own Etsy shop. I've got so many ideas of wonderful things to make, I just don't know how I'll have enough Time to make them!

What are some ways you can incorporate the principle of Cooperative Economics in your life for 2011??


    Kathryn Hansen said...

    the first thing that popped into my head is being way, way more diligent about the business end of my art. I started off so well and ended terribly as i got busier and busier...and now it's sort of a mess. i have to learn to stay on top of my finances way better in 2011, no matter what!!

    I Saw You Dancing said...

    I'm really enjoying this Kwanzaa series!
    I came across this resource today (via #reverb10) and thought it might speak to you
    Hope you are enjoying a restorative and nourishing break, my friend. Looking forward to journeying with you again in 2011.