Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Night of Kwanzaa - Unity

Hello everyone! I do hope you had a most merry celebration for the Christmas holiday!

I'm excited because tonight begins the celebration of Kwanzaa when seven principles are celebrated, one for each night of this African-American holiday. I'll be lighting a candle for each night, as is the custom, and I'm reflecting on each principle and how I can incorporate it in my life for 2011...

I don't have a traditional kinara, but I thought this candle holder would be perfect, since it has seven spaces, one for each night of Kwanzaa...

Tonight we start with the first principle of Unity (Umoja)...

Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race

This principle is an important factor in my life because my community of friends (whether near or far) is a crucial part of my life. I know I could not survive without this important community and the support they provide for me..

However, this principle does not just focus on the immediate circle of people in ones' life - it asks us to consider community in the larger sense such as our nation and our race, which for me is simply the Human Race.

Moving forward in 2011, I've thought of some ways to keep this principle of Unity in my life, whether locally or globally:
  • make time/space in my life for visiting friends more often
  • making time to send messages or gifts through the mail
  • contribute my skills, time or money toward a worthwhile cause

    What are some ways that you can incorporate more Unity in your life or in your community? 


    Gwynnie B said...

    This is so way cool! I didn't know about the seven candles and am looking forward to learning about each night.

    I love learning from you! Unity in my life for 2011 includes taking better care of myself. All areas of my life are affected when I'm not in unity. And I want to be Unified, sistah!

    slommler said...

    I was unaware of the seven candles as well. So I will be looking forward to your sharing the celebration with me.