Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What will I buy??

I was talking with a friend about my No Clothes Challenge the other day and the fact that it is nearly over. She asked me this question:

What is the first thing you will buy when it's finally over??!??

I initially thought that I'm not sure I'll buy anything. I've learned that I do have an abundance of goods: clothing, shoes, hats, handbags. I'm not sure I will need to buy anything when this challenge ends and I am considering continuing for another year. However, I did realize that there is one thing I would like to look for when the challenge ends - a beautiful work bag...

...but not a bag for my current job - one for my future business as the Creative Beast! One that can hold an i-pad, when I'm able to get one ;)

But would I need a work bag in my future work-life? Perhaps, I need to first start envisioning what that future will look like...hmmm...let me think about that and get back to you! Once I get that down I can figure out what a great purchase I can make that will be an investment in ME!

My vision board from last month - I'm starting to envision a new work life for myself! Now to work on the details and what a "work day" could look like...OH! the possibilities!

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What would you like to buy for yourself that would be a positive investment in YOU? I'd love to hear about how you can honor yourself and your future!

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humel said...

That sounds really interesting :-)

I bought myself this laptop fairly recently - I count that as an investment in 'me', because it enables me to explore my photography editing as well as better view the photos I've taken, I use it for writing - journaling, blog posts, or any other writing as the mood takes me - and the internet access means I can learn from and be inspired by creative people all over the world xx