Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Family History and A Giveaway...

Today, I am sharing a little family history to preface the giveaway...
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Great Grandma "Mom" Villalobos

My mother is a second generation Mexican American, born in the United States. Her father, my grandfather, was also born in the states, but his mother, my Great Grandmother, came to this country from Guadalajara, Mexico when when was a young woman...this is the same great grandmother I mentioned in an earlier post this month. I seem to have followed in her footsteps of being able to cut and sew garments without a pattern, though not as successfully as she could, apparently!

Other ways I seem to follow in her footsteps is that she was known to love dancing. I love dancing too and have even performed on stage, though not professionally. I'll write more about my dancing soon...

Everyone called her "Mom", because she refused to be called "grandma" and especially "great grandma"! Her hair was dyed black until the day she died, living beyond 80 years. She loved to watch Lucha Libre and believed that those wrestlers were really doing serious harm to each other and you couldn't convince her otherwise! I like to watch Lucha Vavoom when it comes to town and love watching the cartoon based on this cultural event, Mucha Lucha!

Two videos of the animated series and a set of action figures with the boxing ring given to me by a great friend!
Clockwise  from the top: The Headmistress, The Flea, Masked Dog, Ricochet and Buena Girl

My Great Grandmother was pretty amazing and it's clear that I did not fall far from the tree ;)

My Great Grandmother -  Cresencia De La Rosa with her brothers and sisters

Grandma Betty

As I have mentioned before, I learned my sewing skills from my mother's mother, Beatrice, usually called Betty by my grandfather, Alphonso Luevano.

Both of my grandparents have passed away and my mother and I are going through what I like to call "The Old Homestead", where they both lived for over 55 years. We have been cleaning out all the goods in my grandmothers sewing room and her bedroom where various gifts were tucked away waiting to be given or used.

I've received an amazing legacy of sewing skills from my Grandma Betty that has helped me to craft a life of creativity for decades. I don't feel that I need to keep everything she had stored away for future quilting and sewing projects and so I'm passing some along in this special giveaway...

The Giveaway - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Her!

This giveaway is a sewing themed package of goodies that includes items from my grandmothers sewing room and some items from my personal arsenal of goods. Here is the package:

 Sewing themed package of goodies!
A unique handbag from my collection with vintage images from the fifties - isn't this old dress pattern on the other side fun?!?
Three fabrics cut at 1/4 yard for small quilting or crafting projects from my grandma's closet of fabrics
a book from my personal collection of craft books - full of fun and simple projects!
this thimble was among my grandma's sewing tools but it belonged to my Great Grandmother until her passing - there are MANY thimbles Grandma Betty collected and I'm happy to pass some along =-)
One of a kind note card made by me from scraps of watercolor paper used by Grandma Betty and the envelope is made from pages of an old sewing book that had seen better days...

All you need to do to win this giveaway is to leave a comment about one of your family ancestors that you feel a kinship with, one that has bequeathed a special gift to you that you cherish...The giveaway winner will be announced by Monday October 25. Feel free to spread the word!

UPDATE: this giveaway is open to ALL blog readers, near and far!! =-)

Sewing themed giveaway of goodies from three generations of seamstresses!

Announcing a new etsy site for Grandma Betty's Legacy...

I will be opening a special etsy shop to sell the many things that belonged to my Grandma Betty, to pass them along to others who will cherish and use them. I feel that my Grandma Betty left me something far more valuable than any fabrics or knitting tools she left behind - the ability to create with my hands. Be sure to bookmark the link since the shop name is not part of the site. The shop should be open later this afternoon with a few items, such as small porcelain decor items, and some awesome accessories and other craft items. I plan on using all funds generated from the site to finance my creative endeavors, such as the Artful Journey Retreat next  February and training to be a Facilitator in SoulCollage!

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming next week!

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Okay - who are some of your ancestors that left you a legacy you are proud of? I can't wait to hear about them!


Kathryn Hansen said...

my great uncle Dave was passed on his awesome artistic abilities to me!

willywagtail said...

My Mum taught me my sewing skills very early in lif. She in turn had learned hers from her own mother, an aristocrats daughter who had married into an impoverished old family. She took her upperclass tastes with her and was always on the cutting edge of the fashions in Europe, apparently designing things just before they became popular. My paternal grandmother was also a sewer but she worked with with unpulled jumper wools and real depression era flour sacks, making everything sh could in her tiny, home made log house where she lived with her wastrel husband and 4 children in the back woods in Canada. So, I think my tastes and abilities come from both sides! Cherrie

gill said...

I have cheesemakers in both sides of my family and while I don't make cheese I do have a cheese borer(not sure of the real name!) used to sample the cheese when it was maturing - just holding it connects me with my great grandparents!

humel said...

Wow, what a super interesting post :-) Yes, I can see how you've inherited so much from this remarkable woman! I've been someone who's benefited from your skills and generosity, after all!

I had to think hard about your question. I've definitely inherited my maternal grandfather's tendency to hoard absolutely everything 'just in case'... And also my father's tendency to flit from one interest to another, taking up a hobby horse and riding it hard! Some interests do stick, but one thing I love about craft is its variety :-)

I think, though, I can say that I take after my paternal grandmother in that I care about and look out for my family. Now, that may not sound unusual, but Nan was an expert at keeping track of the entire very large family and knowing exactly what we were all up to and what mattered to us. After she died, one of my aunts took on her mantle. I hope and I like to think that it's passed to me, too.

Thanks for such a thought-provoking post xx

Gwynnie B said...

Sounds like you got a good dose of the creative gene from both sides of the family!

My family were seamstresses, woodworkers, ceramists, crafters, but I'm the only one who took the plunge and became a working artist. If some of them were alive today they'd think I was crazy! Little did they know they were artists to :)

Weatherbee ;) said...

Sounds like a wonderful family heritage you have! I would have to say that rather than grandparents (or great grandparents, whom I did not know)...I am most similar to my father. He is an amazing artist. He can make anything and everything! Growing up he used to make us the most amazing toys, costumes and projects...he built us a kid size rolling school bus and bus stop. He draws, paints, writes poetry, builds sets for plays, does the most amazing iron sculptures, he's a real jack of all trades.
I adore and admire him, and hope that I can be as profound and confident as he is, someday. Just like him, I always have too many projects on my waiting-to-do list, and have to MAKE myself finish a project before starting the next one. A lesson I learned from him. ;)
I have all of these 'crazy' ideas, and when I'm rapidly explaining scheme after scheme to my husband I hear my dad in my excitement, and see my mother rolling her eyes in my mind (they're divorced). ;)

I can only hope that I can be as creative and imaginative as he is. And one of my best daydreams is when I become "successful" and can buy us our own shop to share and he quits his day job driving truck, and pursues arts all day long! :)

Thanks for sharing your family history and love of sewing, and thanks for asking that we look into our own history. It was a nice glimpse, and now I'd like to go call my dad. :)


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

for me it's my grandma as well - who taught me to sew at 6 yrs old on a tredle machine! and she didn't speak english so it really is a positive memory in my life..
thx for asking!
and for sharing your story & goodies - lovely!
i'd be thrilled to win :)

Peach Rainbow said...

My grandmother gave me some embroider pattern books and I really loved them.
Thanks for the chance!