Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Find in Ventura!

Today I'm spending time with an old co-worker to find some costumes for her children at one of my favorite thrift shops and I can't wait to see her and have a nice visit. In the meantime, I'll share a fun find I discovered in Ventura during my stay for the Seaside Games last weekend...Rocket Fizz!

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This store has gotten a lot of rave reviews at that you can read here...I'll share images that the reviews didn't have so you can see how the store looks...

Come inside, won't you?? ;)

So many vintage sodas to choose from!
So many candies from my childhood like "Laffy Taffy"...
...but the real taffy here comes in MANY flavors, including "Extreme Hot" - not one I'll be tasting anytime soon!
Fun toys I remember from my youth like "Gumby"...those chattering teeth are FUNNY!!
They even have their own "gallery" of children's art celebrating the store and all things sweet...

I love "Lemonheads" and could see myself creating a work of art inspired by this candy!! ;)
A t-shirt hangs behind the check out counter and if you look up... will see the bottle cap art on the wall!
SO creative!!

I'm looking forward to my next trip to Ventura so I can explore this shop further and maybe buy some candy...YUM!

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I hope you are having a fun and fizzy weekend!

BTW: my Etsy shop is now re-opened and there are a few changes to the merchandise - take a look!

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humel said...

That looks a lot of fun - and it's interesting to see which things you mention I actually recognise too, and which I've never heard of :-)