Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Vision Board - October

My Artful Retreat classmate and blog buddy Louise Gale posted her vision board for this month and it looks fabulous! She also included some great and simple instructions for making them and mentioned plans for a future e-course on making vision boards. I can't wait to see that! It reminded me that I was a bit behind in creating my vision board for October...

I've been gathering materials for a few weeks and printing a few photos I've recently taken to use for my full moon vision board this month. Here it is:
Vision for the future: move to the city of Ventura!

If you haven't figured out by now, I do love visiting the city of Ventura and have been thinking how much I would love to live there. When I participated in the Vita Arts Center exhibit in March, I saw that there is a great arts community alive and growing in Ventura, especially since there is a new facility that was made for artists, The WAV...

Ventura is all of these things and close to the sea - ahhhh!

I have yet to actually see The WAV since my visits this year were defined by the art exhibit or the Seaside Games and time was limited, but I do hope to take a trip there in the future and see the facility. I have spent time in the Bell Arts Factory where Vita Arts Center is located and I love that the facility is filled with artists studios, space for classes that are offered monthly AND my favorite tea shop, Tea by the Sea, owned by my friend Cindy Yoshitomi.

I love Vita Arts Center and I look toward living in Ventura in less than 3 years - wish me luck!

I won't worry about how I will get to my "destination" of living in Ventura, but I've started on my road map to getting there and I will use this vision board to begin the process as the general "road map"...

I can envision my 'dream home just steps away from the beach' and not worry about how it will happen - thank you Universe!

Louise also mentioned that she has made large vision boards every January, which sounds like a great annual ritual. I think I will make a big vision board for my "personal new year" when my birthday takes place next month, instead of waiting for the usual "new year" in January. I think it will be a great practice!

Stop by Louise's blog to see her vision board and contact her about her upcoming e-course on making them! Ot try your hand on making one yourself - it's great fun!
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I hope you're having a great day today!

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humel said...

I do indeed wish you luck xx That's a lovely mood board! :-) What do you do with them once they're finished? Do you put them on display? Do you keep them all afterwards?