Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in town but...

I'm back in town but taking one more day off from work so I'm going to share  pictures of the Wicked Tinkers I shot last year. This is the band playing while Adam and Megan Kirk were dancing in my last post...when these lads start playing, people start dancing!

Wicked Tinkers in action!
Warren Casey, one of the founding members of Wicked Tinkers and host to the BEST Halloween Costume parties ever; Aaron Shaw is playing bagpipes on the right

I've listened to this band for many years and I NEVER tire of hearing them play! Check out their website and listen to some of their music while you're visiting - you won't be disappointed!

I'll return to some "spontaneous" blogging tomorrow!!

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Do you have some favorite bands you love to listen to? I love music so I'd love to learn about some new bands from you!


humel said...

Sounds fun - I love listening to the Saw Doctors, they're Irish folky pop, fab live :-)

Beth Nicholls said...

That made me want to get up and dance!

Louise Gale said...

Oooh fun! AND gotta love men in kilts. ;-)

I have bands i listen to when im in certain moods (or want to get out of one!) but i mostly like chilled music and listen to the BABChill channel on pandora. Random, meditation+funky+background inspiring tunes from the last decade that I think help with creativity. xx