Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tomorrow is a special day and not just because the Ventura Seaside Games begin tomorrow...

Two years ago tomorrow I began working with one of the most amazing people I know: my Life Coach Pete Lee

Pete is a great life coach, a yoga instructor, Feng Shui practitioner, workshop leader, performance artist, writer and one of the most fabulous people I know in Los Angeles. He is following his path as I am, battling his own personal gremlins as I do and I am so honored to be working beside him as we each craft our lives around the things that matter to us most and we are doing it with PASSION.

He has been one of the great supporters in my life*, right next to my dear Wise Woman, and he is the keeper of some of my biggest dreams, no matter how crazy they may sound!

Due to working with Pete, I gained the courage to really begin blogging - I had opened the account but didn't feel quite ready. Pete suggested I wait until an  "auspicious date" came along, to give my blog the best possible beginning. I think I began on a great note!

He always encourages me to become a life coach and I have been considering it for some time. It feels like a wonderful way of working with people in a healing context, especially since the view of coaching is that we are all on the path together. Recently he has been encouraging me to train as a facilitator in SoulCollage since I have recently learned that trainings take place at the Presentation Center, the same place where Artful Journey Retreat happens!!

The Pueblo Building of the Presentation Center where Artful Journey Retreat took place this February

It is SO what I can see myself doing - helping people connect with their own creativity in a healing atmosphere, using one of my favorite styles of art: COLLAGE! I am now looking into this "infinite possibility" and I'll keep you all posted on this new dream of mine as it progresses...

A special collage birthday card made for a friend...I LOVE collage!

I've written before about my 'comfy chair' where the healing and the dreaming take place and tonight is our next session, before our two year anniversary...I've given testimonial to the work Pete and I have done together that you can find on his home page here, where I've stated that "I can not thank Pete enough for the amazing coaching, guidance and support he has given me in our work together", and I can't. How can you thank someone enough when they help you regain your life?

Happy Anniversary Pete! Here's to many more years of working together to create the lives we were meant to LIVE!

***   ***   ***
Who are the people in your life that support and encourage you to live the life you are meant to live? How do you honor the gifts they give you in your life? I'd love to hear about those amazing people!

* - my dear boyfriend supports me in different ways, such as helping me with technology or buying me supplies - thank you honey!! OX!


Kathryn Hansen said...

ohhhh Monica...that's sounds like an awesome dream. I know you'll be able to turn it into a reality!!

I would have to say my daughter Emily...but my family and closest friends also support me totally!!

Lauren said...

oh that's lovely Monica! I think it's so cool that we would be swap partners and then I would see about blogtoberfest on one blog but then you would be doing it too! :) all the best with it!

humel said...

Happy anniversary! And that sounds like a fabulous dream that I hope does become your reality :-)

My main creative support comes from my blog friends; and The Doctor is fully supportive in that he doesn't mind the time and money I put into my craft, even though he doesn't always 'get' my work!

Gwynnie B said...

What a fabulous anniversary to celebrate! Happy Anniversary to YOU, dahling!! And yes, I can so see you as a life coach helping others to heal through collage and your art. I hope you pursue this!