Thursday, September 23, 2010

Owning it...

Do you own it?

Do you own your title and role as Artist??

Do you know in your HeArt of HEARTS that you are an Artist???

Do you share that with others? If so, when do you share?

If NOT, why do you NOT share? Are you surrounded by others who do not honor art or artists?

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There are some interesting things that occurred during the weekend, aside from the awesome City Hearts fundraiser, especially since my post about the Beast of Jealousy. The theme of owning the role of Artist has been rearing itself quite a bit in my life and I've discussed it with a few friends and one amazing "Scorpio Soul Sistah". Today, my fellow Artful Journey classmate asked the questions of where you find safe harbor in your creative journey and I believe having that safe harbor is closely linked to whether we own ourselves as Artists...or not.

It may be a mess but this is my safest harbor - my creative play-space at it's most magical with the twinkle lights in the evening...

So these are the questions that have been swimming in my head for the past few days and I thought I'd share them with you...

I can say that I DO own my Artist Self and have done so for many years, in my HeArt, but I do not share it with many. I have become quite discerning about when and with whom I share that part of myself. As my Scorpio Soul Sistah put it:

Why would you want to share your heart with others that have not shared their hearts with you?*

What a tribe of Beautiful HeArtful Women! Yes, this is DEFINITELY a safe harbor =-)

Indeed, why would anyone share such a thing if it is not being reciprocated??

Which is why I feel so free to share myself here in this blog, with you, dear readers. I know I share my heArt with others who also create with their heArt, but I also know it can be difficult to "come out" as an Artist to the general public...

***   ***   ***

I will continue to ponder this theme of "owning it" and report back as I continue this process of discovery. Will you ponder these questions with me?

* - thank you SO much for those words Gwynnie! You are truly a Wise Woman =-)


humel said...

Gosh, that is interesting :-) I certainly feel more comfortable sharing on my blog, but I am lucky enough to have some creative friends who I know will understand and appreciate my work and my thoughts about it. Keep us posted with this process xx

Valerie Hart said...

Lovely post Monica! I caught a link over here from Flying Lessons, a really great, kind community of artists supporting each other... i am an ArTisT! xoxo Valerie

Kerri said...

yes, i'd say i own it, but it took me a long time to get here! and many days, i still doubt it.

The Creative Beast said...

Thanks Mel! You know I'll keep you all posted as developments arise!

Hi Valerie! I've seen you at the FL community on FB - thanks so much for stopping by!

Kerri, I'm so glad you are now owning your Artist Self!! Some days I have doubts too - I think we will always have days like that =-P