Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moon Vision Board

It's long overdue but I finally created a NEW full moon vision board...

These full moons seem to catch me unawares and they go by and then I feel like I've lost the opportunity to manifest my hopes and dreams. Now, I know that we all have the ability to manifest our hopes and dreams at ANY TIME but I believe in the power of the full moon and I tend to turn into a "lunatic" when one passes me by ;)

"Why do I turn into a lunatic", you may be asking. Well, when I looked around the blogosphere and saw other vision boards I realized that my boards are loaded with more WORDS than IMAGES and I thought "I must be doing this wrong - no wonder my dreams aren't manifesting for me!"...see how I'm sounding like a lunatic??!?!!

there sure are a LOT of words in this older vision board!

A good friend pointed out that it was a bit strange for a visual person such as myself to create word-heavy "vision" boards, but I realized that I'm not just a visual artist, I'm a literary one too - I love books, reading and I enjoy writing here at my blog, not to mention helping others with their writing by editing their work on occasion...maybe not so surprising to have such word-heavy "vision" boards after all!

As another dear friend pointed out, she loves my writing and thinks I "paint pictures with my words" - that was so lovely to hear!

But I felt that this time around, it was time to focus on images that resonated with me, from a subconscious level, and try to keep the words to a minimum. I looked for some images I could use as a backdrop to some phrases I created and I think this vision board has really come together for me this time...

 this vision board just feels right!

I've focused on three key phrases that sum up what I want in my life right now: using my skills and talents to create more money in my life, creative fun in work and play with happy, beautiful and artistic GREAT people...

When I described this board to my awesome Life Coach in our session last night, he asked what the overall feeling of my vision board was, what did it represent to me. I knew immediately:


Freedom in work and play, freedom to know that there ARE infinite possibilities, that the future is WIDE OPEN for me...and that I deserve all this and more. The images of my vision board indicate that freedom with so much expansive sky filling the page.

I think this vision board will work this time!

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In other news...

Blogtoberfest is coming! Are you joining in the fun? I can't wait to see Tinniegirl's new Blogtoberfest badge...

Next Monday is the day Cloth Paper Scissors announces the semi-finalists for their Artisan Search 2011. I'll let you know if my submission makes the cut - wish me luck!!

I hope you have a weekend with the freedom to create your dreams into reality!


Carrie Schmitt said...

oohh...i love your vision boards. great idea...i have to make one! thanks for sharing! and, i love full moons too! have you heard dar william's song, "Calling the Moon"? It is lovely!

Kathryn Hansen said...

seeking freedom is huge for me too!!

and my fingers are crossed for your submission!

TJ said...

You do this with every full moon...?? That's genius! What a great idea. I want to be a lunatic too. {Oops too late. Probably already am}.

And BTW, don't worry, the ones I've done are full of words too. Words are super powerful. Vision boards are mysterious -- words, pics -- it's all good stuff!!

Happy creations from germany, tj

Gwynnie B said...

I'm so happy to have such a creative and wonderful lunatic in my life!! And I know this vision board is going to rock your world, sistah! Words or visions, it's your magic that makes it work :)