Friday, August 6, 2010

My Creative Color Challenge this week...

The Color:
Sunflower Yellow

The Objective:
to create a piece of art using the color assigned plus black and white

The Final Product by yours truly:
an 'art' book...

Let me begin by saying that this week's color challenge was not a total surprise given that I had mentioned to Louise upon signing up that yellow is not a color I work with often, or wear for that matter! I think I own only ONE yellow tank top for summer...

But that is the point of the color challenge - to work with colors you don't consider, to challenge yourself to see that color and figure out how you CAN work with it. And I can say that working with Sunflower Yellow was a great deal of fun. Of course, of all the yellows, sunflower is one of my favorite shades...I just don't work with it!! =-\

I knew I'd be making an 'art book' of sorts for this project and I've already been starting to play with a new idea in a tentative way so this was a great opportunity to work with it in a bigger way: paint chip pages!

I'm sure this is probably not such a new idea but if it is - you heard it here first!! ;)

I also knew that I would want to photograph the color where I could find it (remembering that I could also use black and white) so I could print out the images and use them as collage paper. Before I knew it, I was seeing shades of yellow are just a few samples of the images I took around my work neighborhood where yellow abounds:

A yellow truck with a yellow hard hat - double score!!
some lovely yellow blooms on a tree...
a "patchwork" of some images I photographed* - can you believe that amazing yellow cab??!?!
top row: yellow cab - underneath a covered bus stop - fence shadow on sidewalk with traces of yellow paint
middle row: yellow house with yellow garden hose - high voltage sign - double yellow line on the street
bottom row: yellow bumpy ramp covering** - yellow parking pole with graffiti - yellow bumpy with shadows and sidewalk

I printed out some of the images and used them in unique ways to back the paint chips. I also used some rubber stamps and rub-on doodles for embellishment and 'journaled' a few thoughts about yellow on some of the chips, then assembled it using one brad. I think you'll like the finished product:

the art book completed

the art book with open pages - front view

the art book with open pages - back view
Louise wrote about the energetic nature of yellow, as well as joy and optimism. I thought it was interesting to see how yellow is used in a different context in the world at large - primarily as a means of "caution/danger"...I did lean toward the "urban" images since they were so striking, but I did manage to incorporate a few fun, cute items as well.

I like to think the book is a mix of "street and sweet";)

This was a lot of fun and I'm glad I joined in. I'm looking forward to what the next color challenge will be and I'm having fun with paint chip pages!

Remember that I will be announcing the winner to my giveaway on Monday to stay tuned!

I hope you're having a creative weekend!

* - many thanks to my dear boyfriend for his help in turning these images into an image suitable for posting here! OX!
** - I have no idea what to call that yellow bumpy pad but it's placed in the path of the sidewalk ramps - suggestions anyone??


Lauren said...

oh yellow such a happy colour!
your badges are in the post! :) xx

Louise Gale said...

I LOVE THIS POST! SO much thought and observation Monica, its great. Your books are delightful too....this is such a great challenge, im loving it so much and everyone is really inspiring too. :-) xx

PS. Which course are you doing at AAJ?

daffado said...

i love love love this book!!!

Kerri said...

great post- yes i love that challenges like the one you're doing force us to get outside of our comfort zone.