Thursday, July 29, 2010

Many Reasons To Celebrate...

One year ago today I wrote my first blog post and so much has happened since that first post:

  • I continued learning from my favorite book making instructor
  • I registered and attended the Artful Journey Retreat, which was my first art retreat EVER and I met amazing artists!
  • I participated in Tinniegirls Blogtoberfest and I met amazing bloggers!
  • I'm doing a "No Clothes Challenge" inspired by Magpie Girl's "A Year Without Clothes" and I've learned I have a LOT of clothes!
  • I submitted art for a Patti Digh publication and was accepted for publication (due in September!)
  • I submitted artwork for exhibit and was accepted for exhibit
  • I opened an etsy shop (currently closed for the summer)
  • I submitted more work for another Patti Digh publication...

 you can find this drawing in Patti Digh's upcoming book: "Creative is a Verb", due November 2010

...and I just learned today that it too was accepted and will be published in November this year! YAY!!

...and there is still so much more to come:
  • I'm in process of making my creative play-space a beautiful room to play and create in
  • I'll be participating in Louise Gales Color Challenge for August  (I'll have a badge link soon!)
  • I'm working on getting to the next Artful Journey Retreat so I can learn from Nina Bagley
  • I've signed on to create art for a great non-profit, City Hearts for their upcoming fundraiser, which I helped with last year
  • I'm nearly done with my first sewing tutorial
  • my dear boyfriend has ideas for prettying up my blog
  • I'm planning on participating in some art-book e-courses and The Sketchbook Project...

...and I've got lots of ideas I plan to share in the year to come!

I mentioned in my last post that I would have a giveaway and so we shall...

Just leave a comment on what you think is YOUR number one greatest achievement this year so far AND one thing you really want to accomplish in the next year to come. The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday August 7 and announced on Monday August 9. The winner will get to choose from one of the following "Tools of the Trade" groups:

* - Knitting Tools: knitting needles that belonged to my grandmother and some yarn and a knitting book from my personal stash and library

* - Collage Tools: rubber stamps, scrapbook papers and vintage photos from my stash

* - Sewing Tools: one or two quarter bundles of cotton fabrics and one beautiful vintage thimble all from my grandmother's stash

...and I'll make a special bag to hold other various bits and bobs that will be tucked in your gift as well =-)

vintage fabric ready to be made into a bag that will "journey" to a winner...

The giveaway is open to all, near or far! It's open to newbies reading this blog and I think I have some items that will tempt even those who have won in the past to join in the fun again...and those who have participated in past giveaways can attest that a giveaway package is worth waiting case it takes me awhile to get to the post office!

And to get you going here is my #1 accomplishment this year, so far:

My art exhibit entry "Currency of Strength" is an accomplishment I will always cherish. I will return to tell the rest of the tale and share images of the actual artwork soon, I PROMISE...

And here's what I hope to accomplish in the year to come before my next blogiversary:

I'm planning some posts about "Legacies" and "Lineage" that I really hope you will enjoy...and maybe figure out a way to 'teach' a class, online or off...

***   ***   ***

Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog and for being a part of this amazing journey. I hope your journey is just as amazing today AND tomorrow!


RuffHaven said...

Today I found your blog. So I will welcome you to year #2.
I am from the flying lessons group on fb.
I have read as far back as time can allow and I am adding your blog to my list of weekly reads. I have recently started blogging and have found so many wonderful people. I am off to read more about the "no clothes" challenge.
( Please do not add my name to list for your giveaway. I am currently de-stashing.)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I cannot wait until I can say I have had my blog for a year! Congrats!!!!
Well I feel like my year is just starting - but in about the 1st month I have started my blog, my fan page on face book and I am currently working on getting my artwork ready to open my etsy shop. What an inspiring list - I hope I can say 1/2 that by this time next year.
You fellow flying lesson friend,
Dayle (Curlie Girlie Art)

humel said...

Congratulations - it's been so lovely to share all these achievements with you through your blog :-) Super news that you've had another drawing accepted for publication, but I'm not surprised, you're very talented xx

Over the last year I've started my own blog and I think in a way many of my own achievements have come through that. It's helped me to explore my creativity and pointed me towards other creative people (like you, for example!)

In the next year I want to start teaching a craft class. I've put together a course outline and a local place has included it in their prospectus, so I just have to see if there's enough interest to start in September. Fingers crossed....

phonelady said...

I think my greatest acheivement is that I have learned to make bookmarks and putting things together that look good and I am proud of . I cant pick a fave as a prize cause I love them all so I will be happy with whatever I get should I win .

Louise Gale said...

Hey there! Great post and congrats on your blogiversary my lovely.

This year i think my greatest achievement was to arrange and hold ad sell out on my first solo show in NYC.

For the next year!...i really want to get published. :-)

Have a great weekend. xxx

Kerri said...

i think it's great to look back at your accomplishments, and sometimes we sorta forget to. so i'm really glad you made your list. and WOW. that's a lot of big stuff!!

my biggest accomplishment this year (altho it's not QUITE complete) is writing and recording the songs for my next cd- and having such talented friends mke it into something bigger than i ever could've done alone. i've already missed a couple of self imposed "deadlines" on it, but realize the end product is what matters and in the whole scheme of things, it's not even taking long- i started recording it in january- it's in it's final mixing stages now. WHEW. that's a big one, and i am very proud of it!

Kerri said...

and oh! no clothes for a year. i'd love to hear more about that!!!

Stitchybritt said...

That's definitely a reason to celebrate! You've been busy!

My biggest achievement this year has been moving out of the full time 9-5 working environment into a more fluid one including a part time position and some consultancy. I've always admired people who took the plunge and could make a living doing the things they love - but it was always so scary to think about giving up the stability of a full time job! Well, I finally did it and it is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Scorpio Soul Sistah, you rock big time! I love how you posted everything you've done. It really shows all you've accomplished and how amazingly talented you are!!

The biggest thing for me this year was Artful Journey. After Richie's health scare and attending such a nurturing event (where I met YOU and other cool chicks!), I saw the heARTful light and promised to approach my life with abandon. No more fear. And that was BIG for me!

So happy for you, dahling! Can't wait to see what's next for you :)

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Happy blogiversary Monica. It's a wonderful achievement. Great giveaway too.

Hmmn, my proudest achievement this year? I think it was traveling to An Artful Journey actually. There have been so many things that have been noteworthy this year but I really feel like valuing myself enough to travel all the way to California to make art and meet amazing folk was the achievement that made so many other things possible. Thanks for helping me reflect on that today.

As for what I hope for this year? Definitely to continue my path into being a professional and financially sustained artist.