Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creative Independence...

It's "Independence Day" here in the US and it's got me thinking of "Creative Independence"...

red, white and blue - the colors of "Old Glory"...

It's something I'm craving to have back in my life and I took the first steps toward that goal when I began this blog in July 2009...not to mention the sewing I was getting back into at that time...

hand appliqued flowers and embroidery...I will share the inspiration source soon...

...and though I've been creating many, many garments, dolls, and gifts through the years, I've held fast to a little shred of a dream that maybe, just maybe, I could earn a LIVING at it...others do - why not ME?

i like how the 'spider mum' flowers can look like fireworks...and i LOVE fireworks!

Some days it's been hard to hold onto that little shred of dream but it's getting easier now that I discovered a memory tucked into a drawer:

Spanish class writing assignment about my daily routine but it took a different tone than the others ;)

I came across this old writing assignment from a Spanish class I took several years ago as I've been cleaning and clearing in my play-space*. It was an assignment to write about "Our Daily Routine/El Routina del Dia" and my approach to this assignment was different than everyone else, of course, being a Creative Beast! While my classmates were writing about getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, driving to the office, I was writing about my own days as they unfolded at that time of my life. I was just beginning to work in the costume field in LA and there would be time between jobs since I was a 'freelance contractor'. I took the language class at night and when I was between jobs my days were very different, as the title of this piece conveys: "Todos Los Dias Son Muy Differente/Every Day is Very Different"...

Let me share what my days were like as illustrated by this writing (I will write in the original Spanish since I always thought my 'prose piece' sounded prettier in that language and then translate into English below each line):

Todos Los Dias Son Muy Differente
(Every Day is Very Different)

Todos los dias son muy differente
(Every day is very different)
Algunos dias yo tengo mucho trabajo
(Some days I have a lot of work)
Algunos dias yo no tengo mucho trabajo
(Some days I don't have much work)
Algunos dias yo como desayuno con "Plaza Sesamo" en el telvisor
(Some days I have breakfast with Sesame Street on the television)
Algunos dias yo bebo cafe y escucho los pajaritos cantan para la ventana
(Some days I drink coffee and listen to the birds sing outside the window)
Algunos dias yo duermo a las dos de la tarde
(Some days I 'nap' at 2 o'clock in the afternoon)
Algunos dias yo baile todo el dia!
(Some days I dance all day!)

Algunos dias yo leo
(Some days I read)
Algunos dias yo pinto
(Some days I paint)
Algunos dias yo bailo
(Some days I dance)
Algunos dias yo duermo
(Some days I sleep)

Algunos dias son largo
(Some days are long)
Algunos dias son corto, pero...
(Some days are short, but...)
Todos los dias son muy differente
(Every day is very different)

My memories of those days were starting to fade but they have been coming back to me as blog buddies have begun to experience their own "creative independence" to leave jobs that do not serve them and move into being the amazing artists they are and I am so happy that they now get to experience how "every day is very different". It gives me HOPE that my "creative independence" is coming soon...

HOPE on Independence Day 2009

This is me in my hand appliqued and embroidered skirt last July - I wished I had a blog to share this with other creative kindred spirits last year and now I do! I'm very happy that I can share this skirt with you now and you may rest assured that I am wearing it again this year =-)

It's not always easy, but I still HOPE for my "creative independence" and I will be ready to claim it when it comes. I'm glad I discovered a memory of what it once looked like so I can use it as a 'road map' to guide me back.

I HOPE that you are claiming some "creative independence" in your life today!

Happy Independence Day to you all!

* - thank you all for your wonderful comments, messages and stories as I continue this monumental task of cleaning/clearing in my life. Your words are SO inspiring to me - Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here!


I Saw You Dancing said...

The poetry, the embroidery, the joy. It is a privilege to witness.

humel said...

Oh, WOW I love that skirt! I hope you had a great 4th July :-)

Louise Gale said...

Super skirt and hope you had a lovely 4th July weekend. Im playing catch up after my week off so look forward to seeing what you've been up to. xx