Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Signed, Sealed and (nearly!) Delivered...

WHEW! I put my postcard through the postal system this afternoon and it's making it's way to Australia as I write this...unfortunately, since there were some "loose threads", the postal worker informed me that it would have to travel in an envelope. I asked for a hand-cancellation, but no way.

Here's an image from yesterday to refresh your memory of the "loose thread":

Ooops!  There's also a tied knot at the bottom of the card, which is ANOTHER reason I asked for a hand-cancellation. Since the loose thread is a part of the over-all design of the card, I put the postcard into an envelope since the United Stated Postal Service wouldn't take it otherwise. DARN!!

In the meantime, here is what the final postcard looks like:

"Stitch in Time" - mail art

You may have to click onto the image to be able to see everything. I tried to get some detail shots but it's hard to get good close-ups from my NIKON CoolPix  and there was no time to have my dear boyfriend make a scan since this postcard should have been sent last week! But if you're interested in the wording here's what's happening:

written around the watch image:

"If a stitch in TIME saves NINE, how many stitches were lost?..wait - how many stitches were there to begin with??..10? 27?? 99??

in upper right corner:
YIKES! i'm losing a stitch!..

at bottom of card near the knot:
I'm tying it together or it falls apart!!

attached 'typed' piece at bottom left of the card is the "Formula":

1(T)= 9

and above it is the "formula" explained:

1 stitch in (TIME) = 9
(with X being the unknown quantity of stitches, of course!)

and finally, written next to the 'formula explained' is this:

How much TIME do we have to solve this problem?!
If we solve it, will we have the solution to TIME management?!?

If ONLY Time Management was that simple to solve...! ;)

OH! so many, many thanks to Beth for creating this swap and hosting it! I do hope there is another swap in the future since so many folks were having such fun, including my friend Margarita, and many others were sad to have missed out on this opportunity...maybe it can be an annual event?? Like Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest!!

BTW: have you sent any postcards in the mail recently? Why not send one to a friend today? =-)

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humel said...

It's fabby, hun :-) Love how you've represented the sentiment! XX