Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Growing bolder and braver"...

I've had these wonderful earrings for sometime now, given to me by the sister of the creator of these earrings. Of course, you can find the creator at Etsy now, but at the time I received these lovely earrings, Etsy didn't even exist...sadly, these particular earrings no longer exist for purchase.

 "growing bolder and braver" brass earrings with word art by Zoey March

I have been wearing them off and on these past few months as I have worked toward the launch of my own Etsy shop and I love wearing them. They are such a great reminder to BE bold and brave! And they remind of how bold and brave I already am...sometimes I forget!

I've been reading at the class website for Kelly Rae Roberts class Flying Lessons and there is much to absorb! This week is all about facing fears and I've been moved to respond to fellow classmates who find themselves surrounded by family who can not see that making is art is not just a 'hobby' but a way of Life for many of us...

My own mother has always encouraged my creativity but always with the caveat to "have something to fall back on". She does not see that it IS possible to make a living at one's own art, let alone making a living at anything you love doing. I understand that is really her own FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real*) talking and sadly, she is not the only woman in my life who has doubted the possibility of making your own living doing what brings joy to your heart, which in turn brings joy to others, as I have discovered.

I'm not sure how I've managed to gather the courage to begin acting on my dreams, but I'd wager that surrounding myself with like-minded folks who CHOOSE to ENCOURAGE me probably has something to do with it! It may not always be easy, but sometimes you have to distance yourself from nay-saysers when you are attempting to accomplish a dream that others may not believe in and sometimes that may even mean distancing yourself from family. I've had to do this for many years now and though it is not always easy, I know if I didn't do it, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I am today in my creative life. And when I found this interesting article on managing creative types in the corporate world, I really appreciated the message of "Keep the seed in the ground". Please give it a read - I think you'll like it even if it IS aimed at the corporate world ;)

I recently bought a copy of a movie: Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont with Joan Plowright and I just LOVED the underlying story of "chosen family", which I have always created for myself. My Wise Woman is like the mother I should have had, and I like to think many of my blog buddies, knitting buddies and costume buddies are the sisters I always wanted. I can not stress the importance of creating a support team** and community that truly encourages you and your wildest dreams, because when you feel that you do not have the courage to attempt your dreams, your support team will be your biggest cheerleaders and remind you of how wonderful you are, that you really can take on that dream and best of all, they will tell you that you DESERVE your dream. (And they will probably take you out for a huge slab of chocolate cake if it didn't work out, all the while telling you how very BRAVE you were for even trying!)

Are you feeling bolder and braver this week? Do you have a fabulous support team and if so, who is on that team? I'd love to hear about the cheerleaders on your team!

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Meanwhile, back at the office...
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but there was NO INTERNET service this morning at the office when I arrived after a lovely long holiday weekend. So much for catching up on blog reading! ;)

* - this little acronym gem was found at the site of Jared Matthew Kessler, who I met at the Art of Non-Conformity meet-up in Los Angeles last year; I'm not able to access his site at the office most days, but I like his message at his blog and he now has a free e-book to offer. I've already downloaded my copy and can't wait to read it during my lunch break tomorrow! 

** - of course, my dear boyfriend is certainly on my support team, and what a wonderful support he has been =-)


Gwynnie B Designs said...

You're on my team, sistah! I've been picking my family and team players for years and it's saved my Life!!

We have a similar story with parents. All I wanted as a kid was to take art lessons. Instead my parents enrolled me in everything BUT art. And then the familiar: "Get a real job. Art doesn't make money. Go to college and take art classes on the side but don't forget your real major."

Sheesh! I'm just so happy I came to my senses and began to listen to ME! And taking Kelly Rae's class has been the extra boost needed to continue this dream of loving what I do.

So glad we're brave and bold together =-)

peace, love & heART, sistah!!

danielle said...

So happy that you are taking Kelly Rae's class...(me too). I understand how difficult it is to live an ARTful life and still be taken seriously by those who surround us.

You are NOT ALONE Monica. We are with you...There is a sisterhood of creative people who live each day with their creative hearts beating in their chests. Geography may keep us at a distance we are undeniably interconnected.

You ARE brave. You ARE courageous. You ARE LOVED! xo

lindy mcclellan said...

The comments of "what a nice little hobby" or "art is not a real job" caused me to leave my dream for many years. After An Artful Journey I started believing my dream again. I feel like I am finding my chosen family and tribe.

I Loved Mrs.Palfry!

Kelly Rae's class is awesome!

chrissy said...

this is beautiful girlfriend.
sorry i.ve been quiet.
i.ve been here i promise.
lots going on family wise...
so happy you are taking KR.s class.
love her.
keeping building your wings sister.


The Creative Beast said...

thank you all for your wonderful words of sisterhood and support! i just love the creative blogging community and I'm so happy so many of you are part of it and that we've forged friendships =-)

Lindy: I am glad that you are now honoring your creativity and learning to fly with Kelly Rae - the class is AMAZING!! and I'm glad I'm not the only one to have seen "Mrs. Palfrey"; I hadn't even heard of the movie before I bought it at my local 1$ store!!

stephey said...

You are SPOT ON! Making is art is NOT just a 'hobby' but a way of life! reading that line inspired this thought: Making is art is NOT just a 'hobby' but a way of life! A life that is dependent on creating because it's the only form of nourishment we can give our soul - it's NOT A HOBBY but a necessity! It's like saying the hobby of a bird is to fly. IT IS THAT absurd. Sure, the bird doesn't have to fly, it has feet, but for a bird to be grounded would be to deny it's innate ability and there's nothing more painful than living THAT lie!

Denying who you are so others can feel more comfortable or so that you can "fit in" - will kill you, often slowly through despondency. I know this first hand for I've struggled w/this very thing in my past. Those w/out wings are no less than those with wings - just as those who embody the artist archetype are no less than those who don't.

I think those who don't embody the artist archetype don't require creativity for nourishment & sometimes are insensitive to this NEED. I feel they don't mean to be hurtful w/their discouragement. They simply lack the direct experience of what creativity offers and therefore miss the wisdom to discern it's NOT a hobby.