Monday, June 7, 2010

"Bolder and Braver" - more thoughts...

I have had a comment firmly in my head, left by fellow Flying Lessons classmate Stephy Baker on my post "Growing Bolder and Braver":

"You are SPOT ON! Making is art is NOT just a 'hobby' but a way of life! reading that line inspired this thought: Making is art is NOT just a 'hobby' but a way of life*! A life that is dependent on creating because it's the only form of nourishment we can give our soul - it's NOT A HOBBY but a necessity! It's like saying the hobby of a bird is to fly. IT IS THAT absurd. Sure, the bird doesn't have to fly, it has feet, but for a bird to be grounded would be to deny it's innate ability and there's nothing more painful than living THAT lie!" - Stephy Baker

Did you catch that phrase?

"It's like saying the hobby of a bird is to fly. IT IS THAT absurd"

I LOVE that analogy!

It IS absurd to think a bird should get around using only their feet when they were given wings to fly and that IS their True Nature - to FLY...

"birds of a feather, flock together"...AND they FLY together!**

It reminded me of a conversation I was having with a friend recently who talked about some ivy coming through the fence into her backyard. She told me her husband has been trying to cut it back, but it just keeps growing through the fence, the nature of the plant to keep growing, despite being cut back all the time. We laughingly talked about how Nature will rear itself, despite anything we Humans may do to keep it in check and I'm now realizing this discussion could be applied to the Nature in each of us. So many people deny themselves what their True Nature is telling them and it makes for a great deal of unhappy people...

"for a bird to be grounded would be to deny it's innate ability and there's nothing more painful that living THAT lie! Denying who you are so others can feel more comfortable or so that you can "fit in" - will kill you, often slowly through despondency." - Stephey Baker

OMG - does Stephy speak TRUTH or what?!? Please check out her blog - she's just wonderful!

Denying who you are can be painful...for years, I felt as though I had to be an "underground artist" because admitting I am an artist only got me weird looks or dismissed as a 'flake' because, you know, ALL artists are flakes ;)! But when I've tried to "fit-in" that never worked for me either, so instead I learned to go "underground" as an artist and I learned which people I could trust to my inner circle of friends so I would always have a place where I could be myself. I guess I created a "double life" for myself: "muggle" by day and "Artist" by night...and weekends!

Recently, this "double life" has gotten to me a little bit (Artist at home, "Muggle" at work!), but that is only because my True Nature will rear itself since that is what Nature always does. And though I am a bit hand-tied by a lack of decent internet technology in my life, I am still finding a way to continue blogging because it is a part of my True Nature to want to SHARE my creativity with others, in the hopes that it ENCOURAGES them in THEIR CREATIVITY. I know these difficulties are just a part of my personal journey as I begin to "come out" FULLY as an Artist and strive toward self-sustaining self-employment and I am so grateful to have met so many amazing art-FULL bloggers and fellow artists on the Journey***.

It is not always easy, but it is SO worth honoring your True Nature! What will YOU do today to honor your True Nature? Who do you have in your Inner Circle that you can trust to be your True Self with? I would love to hear about it!

* - BTW: there is a tiny typo in that sentence but I do not believe it alters the thought behind it as I wrote it ("Making art is not just a 'hobby' but a way of Life for many of us" is how it should read - and probably has been!)

** - I'm not sure the image I added here is showing up - if not, please let me know and I'll have it corrected by this evening

*** - I would link to them all but the list is LONG! I am in process of creating a special page to link to the many fabulous artists I have met and admire - stay tuned!


Pilgrim of the moon said...

WOW!! great post ... very inspiring. The image is perfect for words!

tiffany said...

This is really great. I'm finding it easier and easier to own my own status as an artist. And "admit" to other people what I really am.

I Saw You Dancing said...

Hmmm... that is a very poignant question you ask, my friend. How am I honouring my true nature?
At this point in time, I feel like I am growing into my true identity as a writer (and, to a lesser extent, an artist and crafter). But this evolutionary process has not been without its growing pains!
Right now, I am trying to be open to the things that block me as a creative soul, as a new mother, as a human being. Some of the truths I am uncovering, I have been avoiding for years... but by facing them I am coming to the realisation that I also have the power to let them go, if that's what would help me become my best self.
The process has been exhausting, deflating and a little embarrassing but I think it will be worth it!
Thank you for all your love and support along the way.

chrissy said...

hi sweets.
i love your question.
a year and a half ago, i wouldn.t have said that i had more than 1 friend that i felt i could truly be myself with, but as soon as i jumped into an artful life that i had put on the backburner and tried to just build my wings in the way down...i have found so many wonderful friends who i feel myself around...(you are one of those) friends who i feel "get me"...i recently spent a weekend with a dear friend i met in oregon last fall with kelly rae, andrea scher and liz lameroux...i feel so blessed to have this friend in my has brought me an "inner circle" i didn.t think i would ever find. and the beautiful thing is that it just keeps growing.
thanks for asking.
thanks for making me feel like i am a REAL photographer, even when i don.t feel like one. i truly appreciate that my dear friend.
p.s. i joined flying lessons a week late...but loving it.

The Creative Beast said...

YAY to all you fabulous Artists for honoring yourselves and claiming your True Nature!! It will get easier as we go, especially when we have good friends who can support us along the way =-)

Kolleen said...

i love this post!!!! i love the comment by Stephy Baker.....SO TRUE!!!!

i still struggle with saying "i am an artist" ....worry that people won't take me seriously or i have that gremlin that says to me"you're not an've never taken an art class, etc..."

thank goodness for the bless-ed friends i have made as i really started tip-toeing down my creative path. i met one of my dearest friends, Chrissy through our journey to the Be Present Retreats together. i have met many, many, many special souls who i am so grateful for their strength and authenticity!

sending you a hug and thank you for this post!!!


Gwynnie B Designs said...

Stephy's words have been in my heart for so long, it was beautiful to finally read them and go, "YES!! That is exactly what it means." A bird's flight is no more a hobby than the breath of Life I take when I create.

For years I was also ashamed to admit I was an artist (similar to the word feminist). I noticed that the more I said the word out loud and FELT it, the less stares I got, the less resistance I got, and the more artists I attracted.

Thoughts truly are powerful, and when we finally allow ourselves to say our sacred words out loud, and proud, the magic begins to flow. Who would Georgia O'Keffe have been if she never embraced her artist within??

Great post, sistah :)

beth said...

LOVE this post! Glad class is inspiring you. I'm trying to keep up!


beth said...

LOVE this post! Glad class is inspiring you. I'm trying to keep up!