Thursday, May 27, 2010

I did it! How about you..?

I did it!

It's official!

I have an Etsy shop!

an example of what I'm selling in the Etsy shop...

...and I could not have done it without some amazing support from the following folks, in no particular order:

  • My fabulous Life Coach Pete Lee - he helped me "get me back to me" when I was experiencing my breakdown/burnout due to my job and he has been SO supportive of my artistry and sharing it with like-minded people...and the world!
  • My dear Wise Woman, who has always supported my art and craft and bought gift items from me for many years. I'm so glad to have her in my life!
  • My dear boyfriend who helped me create a new banner for this blog and for my etsy shop, who has some great ideas for photographing jewelry and ideas for another banner that will be executed in the future - he is wonderful*!
  • Blog buddies and retreat classmates who have been touching base and have been so supportive about this launch; I've missed you lots while I've been busy creating goodies! I can't wait to catch up my blog reading...
  • YOU, dear blog reader! 
I know there may be readers who are shy to comment (I was you once!), but I'm so grateful that many of you stop by this blog to read about my artistic process and my journey as I move toward self-sustaining self-employment as an artist.

Many friends and blog buddies have written to me to tell me how I inspire them, and I am always surprised that I have the ability to inspire others, when I have been SO inspired by the many blogging artists I've discovered.

I guess I'm becoming one of them...and I know you are too!

How about it? Are you ready to take on a challenge that has you a bit nervous? Please share it - I'd love to hear about it!


* - I guess I'll keep my dear boyfriend for awhile ;)


I Saw You Dancing said...

Congratulations Monica! That is ONE FINE shop you have, to be sure!
I have just made an extra special little purchase for myself, to celebrate your grand opening.
May this herald many wonderful creations and hundreds, nay thousands, of delighted customers to come!
So proud of you.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Wonderful. So excited for you. I hope it's the beginning of amazing things.

I hope we get to see some of your word earrings in the shop at some stage. I absolutely adore mine.

Gwynnie B Designs said...

OMG, it's absolutely fab-u-lous!!! YOU DID IT! I'm so excited and so proud of you, and so very inspired by your passion and your talent :)

I do love this amazing community we are a part of. I feel I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for your support, the support of our AAJR sistahs, the blog sistahs, and friends.

Rock on, Monica!!!

beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are officially a store owner of a store filled with lovely things! So happy for you

Louise Gale said...

Woohoo! CONGRATULATIONS Monica, this is a fabulously yummy and exciting milestone in your life. Im so pleased and proud and excited for you. Your shop looks wonderful and its just going to grow and grow. Well done for making it happen, you are a star. xx