Friday, March 26, 2010

A page from my Office Art Book...

I've taken a day off from work for some "extreme self-care" today, but I thought I'd share a page from my Office Art Book as a way to continue with Nina Bagley's Self-Portrait Fridays.

I added the story to go with this image that is a page in my book, which is growing quite thick with pages! Here it is...

image from from their free HIV test campaign...I cropped the original image

image and text before gluing together...

text glued to back side of page...

You may be able to read the text if you click on the image but here is my story about the image...
***   ***   ***

The Story of "Stay Negative"

It had been a bad day (of what would become MANY bad days) and another bad drive home. I was driving along Vine Street when I thought I saw the words "stay negative" out of the corner of my eye. I did a double take and found this public service announcement on a billboard. It was a striking image and the words "stay negative" were hard to miss.

I had to chuckle to myself knowing this was a message from the Universe letting me know it was okay to "stay negative", when people in my life were telling me otherwise...telling me to "be thankful you still have a job", "there are no jobs out there", "don't be so negative - it will bring more negativity in your life!".

None of it was helping me, but "Stay Negative" did.

***   ***   ***

Yes, it's been another hard week at the office, but I manage to make time to work on my Office Art Book*. In fact, I got inspired when I discovered this fantastic book about Jimi Hendrix at the local bookstore, Eso Won Books.

I do love the music of Jimi Hendrix, and I love interactive art books even more! So you can imagine how excited I was to discover this book and going for a great price. There are envelope pages with pull-outs and the idea of envelope pages got me so excited, I ran back to the office (can you believe that?!?) to start making a few envelope pages for my OAB...

I don't have those pages to share yet, but I'll share some other pages as they can be viewed in the book itself, since I don't like to leave folks with a "negative message", though if I gave you two negative messages, could they equal a positive one**?!?! ;)

 images from an Alvin Ailey Dance Company flyer...aren't these women beautiful in their grace and strength?

Hope you'll be having a creative weekend!

* - it may be given a title one day, but for now it's Office Art Book (OAB)

** - paraphrasing from Woody Allen "Stand-Up Comic", "Summing Up" section of the recording =-)


Beth Nicholls said...

An office art book - what a fab idea! And your 'message from the universe' made me chuckle. Hope you have a better week this week

humel said...

Love that message - it IS ok to stay negative sometimes! Staying so for too long may not be healthy, but actually trying to keep artificially positive all the time can be unhealthy, as it doesn't necessarily acknowledge the real problems and frustrations you might be facing.

Spoken by an eternal optimist, by the way - the glass is always half-full - but sometimes it's half-full of something nasty.... ;-)

Katie @ said...

Thanks for sharing this with me via our Flying Lessons. What a cool way to express yourself in journaling. It's amazing how many beautiful discoveries we can find about ourselves and our worlds through journaling, isn't it?