Monday, March 29, 2010

Bits of the day...

I just saw this post at the site of Roben-Marie (whom I met at the Artful Journey Retreat) and she linked to this post because the idea of "snippets of life" was so intriguing to her she tried it out on her site and she has inspired me to do the same; here is my abbreviated version:

Outside the window: the sun is going down and the day is drawing to a close...
I am wearing: my "Taking Flight necklace and a pair of pink pearl cluster earrings I bought from a vendor in Ventura yesterday
I am hoping: to find another job and SOON!
On my mind: terribly discouraged and defeated by job; luckily, making things helps =-)
I'm Creating: items to sell in my soon-to-be etsy shop - I hope to launch sometime in MAY!
Plans for the rest of the week: working on my "mystery project", creating special one-of-a-kind items that people will be happy to buy
Grateful for: wonderful people who come to visit this blog; awesome, amazing, fantastic and fabulous blog buddies!; my Life Coach and good friends who always remind me of how much I really am doing to create a better life for myself when I forget; my dear sweet boyfriend...

What are some bits of your day that stand out in your mind? I'd love to hear about them!


Gwynnie B said...

A big bit today is loving the blog community that has embraced me. So many connections, so much understanding...

And congratulating an awesomely talented and gorgeous chick who is about to launch her etsy site!! As creative as you are this makes perfect sense, Monica. I feel magical moments coming your way! You are in transition, making room for more of what your heart desires.


CurlyPops said...

Oooh what's the mystery project???

Nini said...

I'm with you here: loving all the fantastic & artistic people who take their time and visit our blogs!!!!

I'm so glad you found my blog via Roben Marie's post!
Isn't she just an amazing artist?

About "Snipets of Life" I have a link below my "from my camera' photo which takes you to the Simple Woman's Daybook which is where the idea came from.
If you want you can check it out here:


chrissy said...

THis is a GreaT idea my dear dear friend.
i sometimes (ok, a lot) tend to go on and on and on because i am a DETAIL person...when really
SNIPPETS are good enough!
thank you so much for sharing this. i have no idea how i missed roben-marie.s blog. there are so many other amazingly talented women from AAJ that she must have slipped through the cracks.
YEAH for Etsy....(shhhh, im toooo scared to say the words, but there may be an ETSY store in the making over here as well)
you WILL be awesome there...i hope you sell your mitts because next gonna need a pair.
oh, and your earrings.
oh and your affirmations!
SEE! you DO need a shop girlie.
about the swap.
im in.
happy tuesday.

I Saw You Dancing said...

Snippets of the Day is a delicious idea!
A coupla things spring to mind:
* hot cross buns for breakfast
* staying in my jammies 'til 11am
* reading a book in bed while my little 'un napped this morning (rather than running around like a chook without a head, running errands, tidying up, answering emails etc etc like I usually do)
* making a fun present for our local Maternal and Child Health Nurse, to thank her for being so supportive during the first year of life with little 'un
* sunshine and the beginnings of Autumn (or Fall, as you say!)
* some lovely goodies arriving in today's mail
* finding myself mentioned on two sweet friends' blogs (yourgoodself included!)
PS I just know a wonderful new job is on its way to you. I can just feel it. xxx

I Saw You Dancing said...

PPS I forgot to add that I can't wait for your Etsy launch! Very exciting indeed.

Juliette Crane said...

thank you for sharing this! what a nice reminder. can't wait for your etsy site launch:) congratulations! and i can't wait to check out roben-marie's blog. so much inspiration you always have to share. thank you! have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo, juliette

humel said...

Ooh, interesting snippets - and a little mention of an Etsy shop snuck in there!! Exciting!! *happy dance* And hun, I'm so touched and honoured to be linked to here xx

My day? Um. Catching up after being away. So that would be washing, sorting, folding and putting away of clothes, shopping for and putting away of food, tidying, and cleaning of house, and a few snatched minutes on the computer to catch up with some of my favourite blogs ;-)