Monday, March 8, 2010

Because we can and DO...

starting notes for "Currency of Strength", my recent artwork currently showing in Ventura, CA...

This past weekend was quite a busy one but to be honest, the past few weeks have been crazy-busy, what with creating artwork for the gallery show in Ventura, preparing and packing for the Artful Journey Retreat and then preparing for the gallery reception upon my return home and delivering the work safely to the's been quite a whirlwind to have gotten all that accomplished while working a day job that takes up much of my day in commuting, has not given me a raise in two years and recently gave me a pay CUT that started last reminds me of a quote that I love:

"There's nothing a group of women can't accomplish before lunch!"

...and accomplish they have, time and time again, despite bigger obstacles than those I've been facing recently.

I had hoped to share some images of my artwork, "Currency of Strength", in honor of International Women's Day, but due to my poor overworked brain becoming forgetful these days, I'm unable to share images I have but I WILL share them as I begin the next story series on "Currency of Strength", which became quite a learning experience...

I will leave you with this (if Blogger can actually save my writing this second time around!): the quality I see women exhibiting over and over again is:


  • we adapt for the benefit of our families
  • we adapt to low wages and poor employment opportunities
  • we adapt to violence in the home and in our neighborhoods
  • we adapt to messages that tell us we are not beautiful enough or thin enough

Of course we can also adapt to:

  • giving voice to our opinions
  • speaking up for what's right
  • speaking up for others who are unable to speak for themselves
  • stepping into our own power, strength and goodness!

Will you honor the amazing that you are RIGHT NOW? How will you do it? Please share here - I'd love to hear about it!!

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Gwynnie B said...

My amazing is coming back, baby! It's been tough, but your words of encouragement and support have helped. Can't wait to hear more about your artistic journey!!