Friday, March 5, 2010

Artful Journey Chronicles - V

Day Two -  Awesome Demos for "Girlies"

The workshop was in full swing and the best demos from Mati Rose and Kelly Rae took place today...

Mati showed us how to sand down gesso for distress textures and use gel medium to thin down our paints. She also showed us how to use transfer paper, also known as graphite carbon paper, to trace existing drawings into a painting...

When she gave the tracing demo she told us of the time she learned this technique in an art class and thought to herself:

"That's cheating!"

I piped up:

"It's not cheating - it's TIME EFFECTIVE!" ;)

A view of the class from the "Teachers Table"

Mati also gave a demo of adding silhouettes into a painting by either drawing an outline and painting it or cutting paper shapes to glue into the painting and a demo on using gold leaf.

In the afternoon, Kelly Rae gave a demo on making "girlies", the figures that are prominent in her work. It was my first time with Shiva Paint Sticks, or using oil paints of any kind. They have a wonderful texture when working and blending them with your fingers on the page - very creamy!

Before you knew it, "girlies' were taking shape...

my 'girlie' in the beginning phase...

my finished 'girlie' with a message inscribed in her hair: "she dreamed of far-away travel..."

here's Danielle with one of her 'girlies' from her book - they are SO cute!

  here's Chrissy immersed in making her duo of 'girlies'...

It was fun to see how our 'girlies' looked similar to ourselves or our personalities!

This was the night that a bonus class of Soul Collage was taking place. I was not going to participate since I wanted to focus on the class I came for and avoid artful overwhelm! It looked like a fantastic class though, so I wrote down the book name so I can get a copy to work with at home for making my own deck...or maybe Cindy will add Soul Collage as a three-day workshop for creating a whole deck! (hint, hint Cindy!)

I was going to use that time to work on my 'girlie' while the room was a little quieter and try to catch up by making more pages for my book. Also, I asked some new friends to stop by to show them something special I had been working on prior to the retreat...

More Fabulous Artist Women!

 3 Scorpio Women! From l to r: Diana, myself, Gwynnie

Here are two fabulous and amazing jewelry artists I met during my time at the retreat: Diana and Gwynnie*.

I sat with them during lunch and they seemed as though they were the best of friends for years, but they had just met at this retreat taking Nina's jewelry class - it was like that at the retreat! Everyone was your friend since we all had the common bond of being artists...

I told them about a project I had been working on that I submitted** for a gallery exhibit just before leaving for the retreat and I would not hear whether my artwork made it into the show until the end of the week after my return home. I had in fact brought it with me to share with Cathy and Chrissy, and I shared it with Danielle and Mindy too, but Diana and Gwynnie were SO enthusiastic about my concept at lunch that I shared it with them that night while Soul Collage was taking place. They love, love, LOVED my art piece! They wished me the best of luck getting into the gallery show...

...and get into the gallery show I did =-)

I will share the story of my artwork when these chronicles are over, but so you know, the artists reception takes place Friday March 5, 2010 in Ventura, CA. I will share images of my work on Monday, March 8, in time for International Women's Day, which is fitting for the concept I created.

Yes, it's been quite the whirlwind at the home of The Creative Beast!

Stay tuned for the last few stories of the Artful Journey Chronicles...

* I love that Gwynnie is very eco-conscious in her silver work...She and Diana are awesome Wise Women, also!

** the creation and submission of this artwork was quite an odyssey and you will definitely hear all about it next week!


humel said...

Woo-hoo!! Congrats on your submission :-)

Love all the little details - such as your heckling! ;-) And what a lovely photo of you, great to see your beautiful face x

chrissy said...

GOOD LUCK tonight dear missy.
loves to you!

pepper said...

yay, what an awesome time! That's making me want to go to some classes, learn some new skills, meet some crafty peeps!
Thanks for sharing your journey :)
x Pepper

Creative said...

Ladies, thank you all for your wonderful feedback =-)

PEPPER: i'm SO glad the stories are inspiring you to branch out with new experiences! i assure you that you won't regret doing so =-)

huggs to you all!