Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Artful Journey Chronicles - III

Day One - Afternoon:
A Hitch in the Proceedings...

There was much work being done in the class and after lunch we had a demo from Kelly Rae and Mati Rose using gel medium as adhesive and sealer...

"Collage on Steroids" as Peggy from "Passions of an Odd Chick" would say!

Now, I usually use gel medium as a sealer only for my collage work but I thought I'd give their a technique a try. I used my hands, as they suggested and applied the medium to the paper, and again over the paper and surface to adhere my scrapbook and vintage ephemera papers onto my surfaces...but it wasn't quite working...for me.

I found the medium drying on my hands faster than expected and then sticking to my papers making them tear off  the surface =-(

I kept trying to make this technique work for me but it only made me frustrated. I finally had to stop the collage portion of the class and go back to painting. I was sure I was getting pretty cranky, but Cathy assured me that I had handled the situation well and she reminded me (dear soul!) that sometimes, it's hard to let go of things...and she was right.

It IS hard to let go, especially when you've made some financial reaches to attend a fabulous art retreat and driven a long distance to meet some really inspiring teachers! ;)

It was a bit disheartening to find myself falling behind in making my pages for my book and I had no glue or glue sticks in my toolkit to use to catch up...I called my dear boyfriend to have a chat and a few tears when the class was over. During the conversation I remembered that there was a hardware store in town that would likely have some glue and some brushes I could use. Since I had some time before dinner, I made a quick drive into town...

Upon entering the hardware store, I found this:

 baby chicks for sale at the hardware store!

Cute, fluffy, adorable baby chicks for sale in the local hardware store!! Imagine chicks and some glue and bristle brushes besides! I also noticed the extensive paint chips they had so I took a few of those and they made their way into my book, which you'll see later.

Now, I mentioned the fabulous quilting and bead store, Natural Expressions, that Cathy discovered our first night in town. I stopped in since I noticed they had vintage glass beads for %15 off - I found these lovely pink beads to come home with me...

to be made into some lovely jewelry...

I returned to the Center just before dinner feeling much better...

I have to say that one of the most interesting things about this retreat was the opportunity to step into another artists techniques and see what fit with my way of working and what didn't. I was VERY happy to learn some new ways of working, which I will definitely be incorporating into my own work over time and fascinating to see how other people use their materials.

I also learned that it can be hard to let go of things, but sometimes it's okay to hold onto yourself and how you do things.

Stay tuned for the Artist Reception in the next Artful Journey Chronicles...


Sonia said...

I'm really enjoying the posts of your journey. :)

I Saw You Dancing said...

This is a very special post! You overcame your own obstacles with grace and learnt something very powerful -- even more significant than how to use gel medium! -- in the process.

chrissy said...

you are SOOO sweet.
you handled it FINE.
it IS hard to learn new things and i struggled too, so you weren.t alone if you thought you were.
i am so very happy you included the photos of the chicks.
VERY JEALOUS still by the way.
i love that we are writing about this experience at different times. It makes me feel like i.m reliving it all over again.
love you so very much.
p.s. cute pink did i miss those?

Louise Gale said...

Me too! Feels like im reliving too and its soooo good. :-) I love those chickies Monica i so wish i came with you into town now. You wait i bet one day you will wake up filled with creative energy and collage away to your hearts content and love every moment of it. :-) xx

humel said...

Good for you :-)

Love the chicks!! What an unexpected find! x