Friday, January 22, 2010

Trying to Bust Through "Scarcity"...

Thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful good wishes and amazing response to my last blog post on "scarcity". I really do have a lot to be thankful for, but, as Kelly Rae Roberts* has expressed, it does feel strange to think of the goodness in my life as the events of Haiti continue to unfold, but it makes me think of other things related to "scarcity"... I've mentioned that I work for a non-profit agency**, in the state of California, which is having some serious budget issues (hence the impending pay-cut to my salary) and this work makes me think about poverty (ie. scarcity) since I work for an agency that assists low-income children and their families. It's been difficult to be in this workplace these past few days since these families have so much more than the people of Haiti do:
  • clean running water
  • a roof over their head
  • some food on the table (more often than not)
  • clothes on their back and shoes on their feet
  • a chance for education
  • many social services to assist them (until the state funds run out!)
I'm not saying that these low income families aren't struggling - many of them are. Some days I'm struggling, but as I mentioned before, that may be of my own making in many ways, but I do know that while I may not have much money, I DO have a little to share with those in need and I need to remind myself of that and not get bogged down by people around me that keep talking about what they don't have or keep worrying about the economy.

I hope to make regular donations to charities this year, even if it is only $5 or $10, because I know that little things can really add up (and
Pepper Stitches knows it too!) and I will start by donating this month to relief that will go to Haiti.***

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop
Will you join with your small act of kindness? Small actions really DO add up!

Be on the lookout for future "Donation Give-aways" as I did in December - it was great to donate on behalf of a Creative Beast reader and I think it will be a good way to donate and learn about new charities. Also, I may be collaborating on a fun charity event and I'll be sure to post those details here in case you'd like to join the fun!

Have you found a way to help the people of Haiti, though you may have felt you don't have much to give? I'd love to hear about it

* - i'm so excited that i'm going to be learning from Kelly and this beautiful lady in just a few short weeks! ** - my workplace will remain unnamed *** - thanks to Chris Guillebeau for his donation suggestion and link to Partners in Health!


chrissy said...

i love this post.
i love that you encourage me (and all your readers) to give of ourselves. that is an area in my life that i am trying to cul*ti*vate and you are such an inspiration for that.
thanks also for sharing pepper stitches with going over there right now!

humel said...

You are such a giving person :-) I love that it comes across so clearly in your blog and challenges me regularly to think about how and what I give too x

Posie Patchwork said...

Beautiful work & sentiment. Use what you have & love those you're with. Love Posie

The Creative Beast said...

thank YOU ladies for your wonderful words!

it's quite a new thing to be seen as "generous" and "giving" when i usually think of it in terms of "sharing what i love with others" =-)