Friday, January 15, 2010

My Word! Such a week...

I did it...

I found my words for 2010...

The words that will guide me as I move forward in the first year of a new decade....

Good thing too, since I received some unpleasant news at the start of this week! So lets deal with the "bad news" first:

I will have to take a 6% pay-cut starting February 1, 2010 at the non-profit organization* I work for...


"Oh my, the Creative Beast is losing it" you might be thinking and my dear boyfriend might say that you were right! But I now have a "secret weapon" or "talismans" to guard me. They are my "Words Of The Year" (WOTY) which I finished working on mere hours before receiving that unpleasant news and here they are:

Art-FULL Creativity


I really love the word ELIMINATE and I am using this word to guide me in eliminating anything that does not HONOR or VALUE who I am and what I do, which is CREATE. I have been working on ELIMINATING my job from my life, and with the support of my coach Pete, I have been taking actions (sometimes small but I'm taking action!) to that end, such as starting this blog**, following my dream to participate in a fun art retreat and thinking of how I can share what I love to do with others (another word for this is TEACH).

I was not totally surprised by the pay-cut news and having my words helped because now I have something better to focus on: Art-FULL Creativity

I chose this word because, while I DID begin this blog to chronicle my creativity, I did not feel I made as much ART as I would have liked and I know this word will guide me and help me focus on making more art in my life. 2009 was difficult in many ways and while the start of 2010 doesn't "appear" to look much better I can say that I feel my path is looking brighter than I thought possible...

May your path be as lovely as this! Thanks to V. Morris for allowing me to photograph her lovely backyard...

I know I mentioned that I have signed up to create art for Patti Digh's upcoming book "Creative is a Verb", but as always happens with the Universe conspiring to help you get what you want, I received an e-mail in regards to artwork for another book she is working on!! I have also received requests for costume making from performance artists I know and love to work with with, so I know that 2010 will be a good year bringing wonderful opportunities and wonderful people into my life...

Me and my Happy Rainboots on the first day of rain for Sunny LA in 2010;
I hope we get a little more rain this year because we NEED it!

...and maybe even a little more rain so I can play with my "Happy Rainboots" more often!

I hope you have a great weekend in Art-FULL Creativity!

* - I briefly mentioned it in my post here in the footnotes, with links to stories regarding the budget crisis in California; the name of this organization will remain nameless for confidentiality purposes
** - my dear boyfriend has said that he thinks my blog has been a great project for me and he has offered to help me create a better banner for it! Thank you sweetie!


chrissy said...

that was a nice post.
i liked it.
i love your boots.
i bought rainboots just for my trip to manzanita last fall and i love love loved them.
not so handy in arizona.
except for the in the monsoon season i guess.
are you getting excited for the retreat?
why don't you ever show your dear boyfriend?
also...great news on patti digh's book....what are you going to create? or is it a surprise?
enjoy the weekend.

I Saw You Dancing said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful, well-thought out words.
I'm thrilled that they are already acting as talismans for you. :-)
All this good work you are doing is clearly bringing you all that you desire.
What wonderful news that your work will appear in a Patti Digh book! Just imagine where that will take you...!
And, of course, you have the perfect travelling boots for the journey. You are an inspiration.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

You are so inspirational ... I love that about your blog. You've helped me on my journey quite a few times so keep up the good work.

humel said...

Love those boots!! And this is a great post, hun - good for you for having such a positive take on even such news as a pay-cut xx

The Creative Beast said...

thank you all for your wonderful support and encouragement! it's great to have such support on this journey toward more Art-FULL creativity in my life...

SUSAN: i'm honored to know that my blog has been an inspiration for you since there have been bloggers who inspired me - and your blog looks great! i LOVE books and i LOVE reds, so that photo of red books was fantastic!...and i hear you about George Eliot, though i did love "Silas Marner" ;)

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

I love your fabulous words. So empowering and engaging. I hope that this is a wonderful year for you.

Love your gorgeous rain boots too.

I'm really interested to know how you got to sign up to do work for Patti Digh's book.

prashant said...

except for the in the monsoon season i guess.

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