Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you heard the "Word"..?

I mentioned during the holiday that I would work on the "Completion Ritual for 2009" that I discovered at the Superhero Journal blog, written by Andrea Scher, a blog I have been following for at least two years...

When I first discovered Andrea's blog, I read through the entire archive of posts and she has had an amazing journey to motherhood and life coaching. I was so excited to find that she is also a life coach, yet not so surprised considering her meaningful writing. I was also excited when she started her Mondo Beyondo e-course with Jen Lemen and I plan on taking their e-course before this year is over. I know that my fellow Creative Kindred Spirit/Future Art Retreat classmate Tinniegirl has taken the course and I have seen it's effect on her in the list of dreams/goals she has set for herself for 2010. I am so excited for "Tinniegirl" and can't wait until we meet in February!

And how did I meet "Tinniegirl"? Because we each signed up for the Artful Journey Retreat taking place next month (WOW! next month!!) to learn some art techniques from one of our art "she-ros", Kelly Rae Roberts, who is a friend to Andrea Scher! It is the coolest thing to see how these internet communities begin and grow, which leads to a recent discovery...

a corner of my sewing table; i do love old wooden spools, don't you?

Andrea's post on "Word of the Year", with the link to the worksheets to find your year, was just the ticket for beginning 2010 with a special touchstone to guide me through this exciting year. And that's not the only thing I discovered in this post. While reading through the comments of the words that bloggers/artists are uncovering for themselves this year, I discovered a VERY new blogger, Kat of "I Saw You Dancing". I just loved the blog name (being a dancer!) and the poem the title sprang from, by Hafiz, is really lovely. I also loved the fact that this young woman made a brave choice to honor her creativity and love of her family and start a blog that will chronicle her journey as she begins to honor what matters most to her.

How do you plan to honor what matters to you in 2010? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Kat said...

Oh, you are such a sweet soul! Thank you for your kind words.
Already it seems my word -- LOVE -- is taking me to new places; spaces I had dreamed of but never thought were for me.
I'm looking forward to reading more about how your word unfolds into courageous, outrageous, contagious action!
PS You are a dancer too? Your creativity knows no bounds. When do you find the time to sleep? ;-)

humel said...

Oh, what a lovely post :-)

As you've seen on my blog, I'm doing Project 365 this year - when I did my 'review of 2009' layout, I realised I just didn't have photos of certain key moments, and in fact I didn't remember much about particular months. OK, maybe not much happened, but we still lived each and every day of those months and I ought to have had *something* to record. That's one reason I'm doing 365, and also Scrap Your Day.

If I have a word for 2010 it might be PHOTOGRAPHY, because I want to capture much more of our lives this year (and try to improve my photography along the way). I think really I want to REMEMBER and CAPTURE THE MOMENTS - but CAPTURE is perhaps not a good choice for a Word lol - might be a bit misleading! ;-)

The Creative Beast said...

Mel: I love the daily photography project you are doing and 'capture' is not such a bad word to use since it means "to represent or record in lasting form" (as found at I love that you are really working on recording the moments in your family's life. I also hope to work on my own photography skills during this year which really means taking time to read through the entire manual of my digital camera!! ;)

Kat: yes, i've danced for many years AND performed though i was not a professionally paid dancer - it was all done for LOVE =-) I don't get to take classes as i'd like to, but i make a little time for dancing around the house; so i figured i was 'a few steps' ahead of Patti Digh when i read that story in her book ;) hee, hee, i made a pun!

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

I'm slow to catch this post. I'm so excited about meeting you too. Like you I'm love the way the internet connects us and brings us together in real time and space too.

Are you still working on your word for 2010? I am about to post about mine in the next day or so.

See you in 5 weeks. xxx

prashant said...

Your creativity knows no bounds. When do you find the time to sleep? ;-

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