Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I Really Want for Christmas...

a corner of my holiday decorated play-room - the first time I've decorated this room for the holidays and I love it!

begin the day with a walk in the quiet morning light
stretch my body, mind and soul with yoga
have a favorite breakfast in my favorite breakfast bowl
then spend time in my creative play-room doing the following:

  • work on a Completion Ritual for 2009, as wonderfully suggested by Andrea Scher of Superhero Journal
  • work on goals/resolutions for 2010, with help from Gretchen Rubin's fantastic tips at her blog The Happiness Project
  • work on a way to incorporate the values of Kwanzaa, a wonderful African-American celebration that begins on December 26 and lasts 7 days; I hope to incorporate those values all year!
  • work on my personal "Treasure Map", recommended to me by my own wonderful Life Coach, Pete Lee
  • create a 3-d 'tool kit' to go with my personal treasure map, mixed with elements of the "Happiness Kit" I read at the blog of The Craft Gypsy; it's a great 'happiness kit' - go check it out!
  • bake a quiche for my lunch-break - working on one's goals/resolutions for a whole year can make one hungry!
  • create an extra 'tool kit' to give a dear friend for a holiday gift - I'll be sharing the elements of the 'tool kit' here soon!
  • create a special house-warming gift for another good friend
  • have holiday movies/music playing throughout the day
  • watch my creative play-room transform, as the sun goes down, into a sacred space where magic is made...

what my play-room looks like at night with twinkle lights shining in the window...

  • conduct my recent nightly ritual of "Abundance Meditation", recommended by my coach Pete - it feels SO right to do this ritual in this space...

another corner of the play-room at night; an old wire dress form like the one my granny had...

  • close the day spending time with my very dear boyfriend, who has agreed to make my first "Retreat of Solitude" possible on this very special holiday...

Many, many thanks to the most understanding boyfriend a Creative Beast could ever have!

May you all have a wonderful holiday, however you choose to spend it!

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humel said...

Wow - hope you got all you hoped for at Christmas :-)