Saturday, December 12, 2009


I will finally get my overlock sewing machine back TODAY!!! It took longer to repair than I wanted, but at least I will have it in time to make some clothing alterations for a possible holiday outfit...

I will also be getting my hair trimmed in time for my dear boyfriend's birthday which takes place tomorrow! Goodness, that reminds me I've got wrap those birthday gifts!!!

While I wrap gifts, remember that the deadline to submit your charity of choice here on the blog is December 13. Did I forget to mention that the donation will be made in your name??

Thanks so much to those who have already left comments here on the blog about organizations that mean something to you
! I hope I see a few more... =-)

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humel said...

Happy birthday to your boyfriend for tomorrow - or should that be, happy birthday for tomorrow to your boyfriend?! You know what I mean!! x