Friday, December 11, 2009

Humbug to Holiday Card Stress!

Sometimes I send holiday cards and sometimes I don't - but I always have some on stock so when I have the urge to send cards, I have them handy. And I try to have my cluttered little home decorated by the first weekend of December so I can at least enjoy it until January 1, when I sometimes 'break down the set', as folks in the entertainment field say. For me, though, there are two homes to be decorated: mine and my dear boyfriend's. Thankfully he has an awesome train-set to go around the tree! But really, I try to pace myself so I don't fall into the trap that it seems many people fall into at this time of year...

There are a few folks who are writing about this "most wonderful time of the year" and some of the stress that it brings. I really loved this post by Brene Brown - please go and read it now! Her book, "
I thought It was Just Me, But it Isn't" on guilt, shame and shame resiliency is one of the best books I bought and read this year and I highly encourage you to get yourself a copy!

I also appreciated this post from MagpieGirl since she talks about the things she stays focused on to keep the stress of the holiday season down to a minimum. I love it!

How do YOU deal with holiday cards and decorating at this time of year? Do you go for it all or pick and choose?

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humel said...

We just put up our decorations today :-) For me, it's the tree that matters - the kids help with it, so it's not exactly stylish or coordinated, but I love it! We have a few streamers and bits of tinsel around the house too, and hang up any cards we receive, so the whole place does feel pretty festive. You already know about our 'not till after the birthdays policy'!

As far as cards go, we have a lot of family members who live far off, so it's a good reason/excuse to check in with them and exchange news. I try not to give cards to people I'm going to see in person, though, for mainly environmental reasons - it's nicer to actually tell them your good wishes than hand them a card, anyway - in my opinion, that is!