Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks a LOT!!

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I just wanted to share a few things and say a few thank you's:

Many thanks to my dear boyfriend who has always been supportive of my creative endeavors, especially his offer to help me make a better banner for my blog!

Much gratitude to my wonderful Life Coach and fellow performance artist, Pete Lee, who really encouraged me to register for the Artful Journey Retreat, and encouraged me to start this blog, which has opened up so many doors...

Thank you Tinniegirl, for being open to friendship and encouraging me to participate in your Blogtoberfest - I've met so many wonderful bloggers, such as Curly Pops, I Speak Melsh, Cul*ti*vate and so many others!

Thank you new readers who have discovered my blog through Blogtoberfest and are part of my little 'Tribe of Creative Kindred Spirits' - I'm so glad you enjoy my blog enough to make it a regular read =-)

Thanks to the fun knitters and the owner at Stitch Cafe!! I love knitting with you all!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends, new and old who have been in my life - you've all made much joy in my life...

Now for some fun!

I have mentioned before my love of This American Life and I want to share some fun Thanksgiving/Turkey/Chicken themed episodes they have aired in the past:

This is the most recent episode they have been airing and the theme is more along the 'magical/supernatural' properties of fowl (Poultry Slam 2008)

This episode includes stories from my all-time favorite episode and a few I haven't heard yet, but I will likely rectify that this weekend! (Poultry Slam 2003)

This is an interesting episode with a story of Francois Mitterand's last meal (Poultry Slam 2001)

This is my all-time favorite episode with a great history about the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, an opera about Chicken Little and the relationship between two sisters and a duck puppet, which generated one of the funniest phrases I've heard: "Rev up the duck"!! (Poultry Slam 1999)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

*** *** *** *** ***

Goodness, tomorrow I begin my "No Clothes Challenge" - Wish me luck for the next year!

It's slowly dawning on me how difficult this might be since I have even cut out thrift shopping for clothes altogether...conversely, I am also seeing how many clothes I actually have and it really is quite a bit, though some goes into storage for winter or summer. Since I've been working on storing the summer goods I really see how much I have and I need a better system for organizing and storing.

Maybe I should start calling this the "Organized Clothes Challenge"?!?


CurlyPops said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and congratulations on the beginning of your new challenge.

chrissy said...

happy thanksgiving my dear. what a sweet post of gratitude. i too am grateful that our paths have crossed and that we were brave enough to sign up for an artful journey. it is going to be sooooo much fun...i promise. good luck on your challenge. i swear on my life i wouldn't make it 2 weeks. i hold you in the highest of admiration!
much love,

humel said...

Aww, that's me!! Thanks hun, I'm very thankful to have found some wonderful new blogs - including yours - during Blogtoberfest :-)