Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some of my firsts...

I thought I'd share some "firsts" that I made.

Before I finally signed up for book binding classes in Pasadena I made some very small hand-bound booklets - these are my first little handmade books and they are little! They are approximately 2" x 1 1/2" in size:

small books for making mini-collages/altered book art

I also tried my hand at knitting a bag for felting. I had a skein of a soft mohair yarn and some odd yarns of unknown fiber content but I figured it was safe to assume they were polyester. I liked how the colors mixed together so I cast on and made alternate rows to see how it would turn out with some of the yarn felting and some not...here is my first felted bag...

I think it turned out pretty nicely for a first felting on my own!

I will be including the felted bag in the giveaway as soon as the guest judge reaches a decision on the winner of the Joy Doll entries which will be later tonight and announced tomorrow...yes, tomorrow is an exciting day for many reasons and I will post about it all then =-)

In the meantime, have a great day and keep creating!


Virginia said...

What a cute bag!

I haven't yet braved the world of felting. But I'm very into the Shibori technique, and really wanna give that one a go.

The Creative Beast said...

thanks for stopping by Virginia!

felting is not as scary as you might think; try something small like a bag or maybe a bowl like the pattern in "One Skein" (my fave knitting book!)

the Shibori you speak of looks amazing! i just googled to see what it's about...i may have to tackle that in my lifetime.