Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been quite a day already and not necessarily a good one but luckily there are a few things that have made it MUCH better:

I saw this
post at the blog of future classmate in the Artful Journey Retreat, Chrissy at Cul*ti*vate and it was great to see her honoring herself and her need to create - way to go Chrissy!! I also noticed in the comments that Tinniegirl will be moving forward with her painting as well and going beyond the "ugly stage" to something I'm sure will be wonderful - YAY!

My wonderful Life Coach, Pete, sent this
posting to me and I really needed to read it after the morning I had!! I can't wait to look into the other postings on this blog.

I was also listening to this
audio book on the way to work this morning as some follow-up to the movie "The Shift" which I saw last week with my dear knitting buddy and fellow artist, Jane, who has been kind enough to loan me her copy - thanks Jane!

"The Shift" was quite a film to watch and if you have a chance to see it, you should. You might be able to
locate a screening near you or possibly host one. One storyline in particular will be of interest to many artist/crafters out there - it's the story of a wife/mother who has forgotten the artist part of herself in the busy hub-bub of being a wife and mother but begins to remember that part of herself and attempts to reclaim the artist within her.

I know that many of you out there can probably relate. I know I've seen many people close off parts of themselves and it's sad to witness. I can't say that I have done this since I have always managed to create, whether sewing costumes as a career or simply creating my dolls and gifts over the years, but I have ALWAYS created and I could not ever imagine stopping this part of myself because it's like breathing to me...but watching that storyline made me think of the many artists whose blogs I follow and I think many of them would appreciate this movie. I know they would certainly appreciate that the 'wife/mother' character makes a decision to reclaim this integral part of herself.

It can be hard to make that choice and harder still to keep making that choice everyday, to choose to honor those parts of yourself. It takes a great deal of strength, not to mention a few friends and loved ones who can cherish that part of you and support and encourage you. Making the shift to honor yourself can sometimes be painful, and I know because I have been feeling this pain as I move forward and share myself with the artful blogging world, but I know it is well worth the fight.

So to all of you, I will give these words of Emile Zola as a "mantra" on your journey:

"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, as an artist, will answer you: I came to live out loud."


humel said...

Great post, very thought-provoking :-) Sometimes I get so busy that my creativity gets pushed out for a while, and it's always such a relief to come back to it! I clearly need to prioritise it more, even during those busy times...

The Creative Beast said...

as long as you continue to return to making art, i think you'll be okay Mel!

glad you liked this post and i hope you find a way to see the movie - it too is thought-provoking